Helpful ReplyMobile Smoothie Vendor: Should I Use Plastic Dome Lids?

Junior Burger
2011/05/13 12:07:20
My health department does not require lids on the smoothies I am serving at outdoor special events.  Should I use plastic dome lids to help prevent spills and prevent the whip cream from dripping down edges of cup?
For me the lid is inconvenient, but would it look more professional?
My staws are wrapped and my concern is littering.  Even though I have a garbage can nearby, I find staw wrappers littered all over.  I think this will be the same with the plastic lids.  My questions is for littering concerns, not cost of the lids?
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Re:Mobile Smoothie Vendor: Should I Use Plastic Dome Lids? 2011/05/13 14:23:36
Does your HD require the wrapped straw, or could you stick an unwrapped straw into the smoothie before handing lt to the customer, thus eliminating the straw wrapper littering?  If that is possible, then I wouldn't even consider a lid.
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Re:Mobile Smoothie Vendor: Should I Use Plastic Dome Lids? 2011/07/09 16:44:34
the domed lids are meant to contain toppings such as whipped cream...... i say stick with the lids, they make a much better presentation......
as far as straws go, grasp one end about 2 inches from the end with forefinger and thumb from one hand, and right beside it with the other hand..... pinch and pull.....pinch harder with the "short" end, and pull the long section of paper  off the straw.... place in drink, you never touch the actual straw, and customer see that they got a clean wrapped straw prepared for them with the paper still covering where they put their mouth....
they will still probably throw that on the ground as well.... but a little 2" section of paper is a lot better then a 6,8,or10" section blowing around
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