Is Coney Sauce the same as Michigan Sauce?

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2011/05/14 08:32:29
I'm trying to figure out if Coney sauce is really the same thing as Michigan sauce.  What are the differences between the two sauces? 
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Re:Is Coney Sauce the same as Michigan Sauce? 2012/07/21 08:20:09
There is no such thing as "Michigan Sauce".
The Coney was invented here in Jackson, Mi (yes, Jackson - Sorry Detroit, NYC or anywhere else, but the Coney Dog, like the Republican Party, started right here in Jackson, Mi)
There is "Detroit Style" and "Flint Style"
The Flint style coney dogs are like the original Jackson dog, are much drier then other coney styles, using a cause which is more like dry chili, nearly ground beef than soupy chili. To be a true "Flint Dog", the hot dog must be Koegel brands natural casting. 
The Detroit style coney dogs  is more of a sauce with a smooth, creamy consistency utilizing Hungarian spices.  Often, this is a plate, fork and knife type of deal; though true Detroit experts can handle it and not make a mess.
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Re:Is Coney Sauce the same as Michigan Sauce? 2012/07/25 19:54:34
"Michigan Sauce" is something they put on hot dogs in Plattsburgh, NY and the surrounding area. 
I've had a few up there and they are pretty good, the sauce is much milder than Detroit and consistency is closer to Flint (dryer)
Adirondack Life just did a great article about "Michigans" and where to get them.
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Re:Is Coney Sauce the same as Michigan Sauce? 2012/07/25 20:31:15
  While Niki Kourofsky's article is certainly well written, nicely researched and entertainingly informative, the whole thing is so complicated. Hot dog eating is starting to get hard. Maybe I shouldn't have forsaken astrophysics for it. This isn't going to be on the test, is it?
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Re:Is Coney Sauce the same as Michigan Sauce? 2012/07/29 21:04:09
I was born in Plattsburgh and am very familiar with some of the best michigan sauces in the area. Our family has one of them. 
To answer your A Coney sauce is not like our michigan sauce. And the only way our michigan sauce gets a lil if it sits too long in the air or you cook too much water out of it. I plan on bringing some killer michagans to the capital district very soon. :)
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