Build a Better Bread Crumb – The Upper Crust Panko Tradition

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2011/05/18 08:31:20
Escape Soggy Bread Crumb Syndrome with Upper Crust Panko Bread Crumbs
If you’re one of the few people still using ordinary bread crumbs, we forgive you. And we’re here to show you a better way. There’s no need to settle for standard (and sometimes soggy) breadcrumbs ever again. Enter authentic Japanese and the tender, crispy deliciousness only Upper Crust delivers.
Panko bread crumbs are more flake than crumb, and in this case, the flake is your friend. Why? Standard crumbs are small and fine and simply don’t have the surface area to do much more than, well, soak up oil. Panko flakes produce a much crispier sensation vs. a regular bread crumb – both lighter and delightful, without the frying.
Ordinary bread crumbs run the risk of getting very heavy and compact, distracting from, rather than enhancing, the flavor of the food it’s coating. soak up flavors, but not the heft, so your end product is light, crispy and delicious. Plus, all Upper Crust products contain zero trans fat – can your bread crumb say that?
Upper crust knows that perfection cannot be hurried, and that both restaurants and home chefs demand the best for their recipes – it’s not a one size fits all proposition. The best ingredients, a fastidious process, custom grinds for different dishes and irresistible presentation all work together to escape soggy bread crumb syndrome forever. Let us show you how – contact us today.
Build a Better Bread Crumb – The Upper Crust Panko Tradition
,fine dining foodies and finicky home chefs all agree – Upper Crust is committed to building a better bread crumb. In fact, restaurants worldwide prefer Upper Crust the authentic Japanese Panko bread crumbs. For more than 30 years, the Upper Crust family, the very first Panko manufacturer in the U.S., has been committed to the traditional Japanese method and understands, embraces and addresses the nuances in building a better bread crumb. Only Upper Crust authentic Japanese Panko bread crumbs combine a proprietary blend of natural ingredients and a time-honored process that make Upper Crust a cut above the rest. And we’re serious about the cut. Competitors settle for short, round crumbs. Sorry, but short and round runs the risk of a hard dense coating …Don’t be fooled by other brands that claim to capture the Upper Crust difference. Upper Crust offers three (count `em, three) different cuts, or grinds of  Panko, because Upper Crust knows the difference (and deliciousness), is in the details. Large crumbs are best on classic Asian seafood and pork, extra large crumbs are perfect for more American-style dishes and medium crumbs are just what you need for crab cakes, stuffing and coating. Whatever taste sensation you need to achieve, Upper Crust has you covered, in gourmet style.
For a lighter, crisper taste, mouth-watering plate presentation and a 25% higher yield than competitors (translation = more cups for the buck), why buy from anyone but Upper Crust? Get the edge and order now.