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2011/05/18 17:40:46
Has anybody seen or used this product. Don't know if it is a fad or here to stay.
Soda Stream
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Re:Soda stream 2011/05/18 18:22:08
There was something similar to this 20 years or so ago, a friend had one, the syrups were terrible.
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Re:Soda stream 2011/05/18 20:18:22
I have seen the product tested. Here's my take:
1) Will you save money? It depends on how picky you are. It comes out about the same as the store brands, or the major brands on sale. It costs about the same as the cheapest soda, and you'll never make up your capital expenses. Also, if you don't have a dishwasher, the bottles will be a REAL pain to wash.
2) Is the product good? Every syrup I have tried (regular and sugar free) have been excellent. I have even bought some syrup to add to my own seltzer. And the ingredients are good, too; all the sugared sodas are made with cane sugar, not HFCS or even regular corn syrup. And the carbonation unit allows you to control the level of carbonation.
In short, you get a better product at a pretty reasonable price, if you're willing to eat the $99 buy-in and don't mind the cleaning required. If you already have a seltzer maker, consider buying the syrup.
Re:Soda stream 2011/05/18 20:32:49
I was one of those people who owned something similar 20 years ago.
You could buy syrups from beverage vendors but the compressed gas cartridges became difficult to get.  My vendor moved and then the shipping became too expensive.
It was fun for awhile and the kids loved it.
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Re:Soda stream 2011/05/19 06:08:06
Thx for the replys.  This product has been tested in other places and just hearing about it yesterday.
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Re:Soda stream 2011/05/19 11:58:03
i got my soda stream last august and love it.  i mostly just have the water plain, basically club soda. i have found their flavor mixes to be "ok". the ginger ale and root beer were pretty good, the cola was vile. but what i do is get the torani syrups that are used in coffee shops. i can find some flavors at world market and others i order online directly from torani. blood orange, pomegranate, black currant, lime-all have been great (except the cherry limeade which tasted too artificial) and are much tastier than commercial soda
for the gas cartridges we just exchange at our local bed bath and beyond. i think its $15 for a refill, lasts us 2-3 months and we use ours a lot
im also looking forward to ordering some monin syrups soon. more expensive than the torani but they have some very interesting flavors like cucumber and rose
Re:Soda stream 2011/05/19 13:14:55
I've had one for two years and its great.  I only use it to make (unflavored) seltzer, but we go thru large quantities of seltzer and no longer having to tote and store cases of bottled seltzer and deal with the empties is a real plus.  Also, we have excellent tap water here so the product is at least as good as anything store bought.  Having the replacement CO2 cartridges delivered by UPS is also convenient.
One tip: get extra bottles and chill your water first in the fridge -- makes the fizzing process work better since cold H20 absorbs CO2 better than does warm.