Sahagun Closed

mr chips
Filet Mignon
2011/05/20 13:37:56
Sahagun, a roadfood reviewed chocolate shop, with perhaps the best cup of hot chocolate in the United States, closed its brick and mortar location last August. Chocolate candies are still available on line, but the hand-brewed cups of hot chocolate are no more. This is sad news but I cannot say I am surprised. The shop was inconveniently located on a side street, tiny and parking was impossible.It was a place for the cognescenti and you had to know where it was to get there. I'll try to find the website.
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Fire Safety Admin
Re:Sahagun Closed 2011/05/20 13:53:39
Oh, that's too bad.  Only made it to Sahagun once, but the candy and especially the hot chocolate was wonderful.  And owner Elisabeth Montes was a lovely host.
Thanks for the update mr chips.
The Travelin Man
Filet Mignon
Re:Sahagun Closed 2011/05/20 17:20:13
I was just telling someone about this place the other day.  I believe that the review was already archived, and I thought that was a bad sign.
I did have a hot chocolate in Philly that rivaled what was served in Sahagun.  The next time either of you are in town, check out Rim Cafe in the Italian Market.