Sharkey's in Binghamton, NY

2011/05/21 22:05:47
One of these day I am going to take Sharkey's menu for a test drive.





Everything on the menu looks good, but how can you not order Spiedies?  I was there on a Wednesday and couldn't pass up on the special, 3 spiedies for $575.00.  
I went with pork.  But, I did ask Marie(owner)if she had any hot peppers(AHI MPLS made me do it)  No hot peppers available, but she told me that some crazy people actually put ketchup on theirs.

This is my favorite spiedie.  Seasoned and grilled to perfection!
Sharkey's is also famous for their clams.  They serve Top Necks, which can run large and a little chewy.  Mine were on the verge of being too big, but they were clean and very tasty.


My next trip, I want to try some of the Polish Food.  I'm a sucker for a good piggie!
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Re:Sharkey's in Binghamton, NY 2011/05/21 22:21:28
$575.00, eh?  Left your wallet a bit lighter? Hahaha.  Sorry, I couldn't resist.  I had never seen their menu before and I could really go for a spiedie right now.  Do you know if they make their own marinade or if they use a brand such as Salamida's?
Re:Sharkey's in Binghamton, NY 2011/05/21 22:39:14
billyboy, I guess I was thinking of what I was willing to pay for their spiedies
This was only my second time there, I never asked about the marinade.  But it is unique.  I would rule out Salamida's, totally different flavor.
Here are some pics from my first visit.  
Chicken & pork spiedie.



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Re:Sharkey's in Binghamton, NY 2011/05/21 22:56:55
Great report and photos Joe!    Though I have to make a confession - I've been to Sharkey's four times over the past 15 years, and I just don't get the "Spiedie" thing. 
Yes - I'm sure it's me - but I find them dense and dry.  I tend to like my meat naturally juicy, wet or at least with some sort of condiment.   Of course, this could be partly due to some mild reflux issues that make me frown on these textures - as I would have to be near starvation to tackle a (non-twice) baked potato.
The family is very nice.  It's a great working-class bar - and I feel bad even typing this.  I'm sure compared to others among fans, the spiedies are really good - just not my thing.     Next time - I'm goin' for those clams!
Re:Sharkey's in Binghamton, NY 2011/05/22 03:19:50
Fantastic Report, but for that much money, I think they should have given you a couple more skewers, some sides and at least a cold beverage!!! 
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Re:Sharkey's in Binghamton, NY 2011/05/22 06:24:37
Nice report Joe! Those clams look so good!
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Re:Sharkey's in Binghamton, NY 2011/05/22 08:47:08
Nice report, Joe!
When I had a spiedie, I also felt like it was missing something.  Lean meat on a plain piece of bread is.... dry.  Maybe the locals don't always eat the bread, but just use it to pull the food off the skewer?
Re:Sharkey's in Binghamton, NY 2011/05/22 11:04:00
If you want a "wet" spiedie, try Lupo's Char-Pit in Endicott.  They serve their spiedies soaked in marinade on a 12" hoagie bun.  I guess this is considered Endicott style.  
I like Sharkey's.  My pork was still moist and matched up well with the bread.  Although, I did add a splash of green Tabasco  
A guy came out of the kitchen and sat at the bar with his 3 spiedie lunch, and proceeded to open mayo packets and load the white gook onto his spiedies.  I told Marie, I know a worse condiment than ketchup and pointed to the mayo laden act of indecency.  She shook her head and said, oh, he always does that.  But I don't say anything since he makes the spiedies.
I think Dawn came up with the best solution.....pickled hot peppers