Half Sour Pickles

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2011/05/22 01:10:47
The earlier thread on Polish pickle soup started me thinking about my Grandmother's dill pickles that she made in a crock and then refrigerated. My grandfather would have one or more with every meal. They tasted quite similar to the ones that were always served in the buckets at any Jewish Deli. So much so, that was the taste that I equated with real dill pickles and not the puckery sour dill pickles you bought in a store. It's a taste that around here is sadly becoming a taste of the past with the demise of the real delis. They may be an aquired taste that you grew up with. My two wouldn't eat them when we went to a deli. Neither like regular dills either, but these they found be absolutely hideous. I've still been able to find them under the Ba Tempte brand, but it's a hit and miss with most of the time they are mushy.
Does anyone else make these anymore? I think I need to start rummaging around in my parent's old place to see if the crock and top stone are still around. Ahh the memories of the scum!
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Re:Half Sour Pickles 2011/05/22 01:55:15
I make fermented dills along with sauerkraut, about the same process.  Not sure it thats the flavor profile your looking for.  I don't use the open method for the fermenting container.  I instead use a food grade plastic bag filled with water that sits on top of the brined product, cabbage or cukes.  This seals the edges and keeps scum from forming.  I don't touch the container or move the bag at all during the fermenting.  What's most important is the room temp they are fermented in.  The more stable the better, and from experience you'll find a sweet spot somewhere arount 70 f.  Just google fermented dills, these may be what your thinking of.
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Re:Half Sour Pickles 2011/05/22 08:45:28
Do it the same as Rob above.  5 gals at a time.   ...I usually throw in some dill & spices.    ..... This is a great way to store cukes/pickles until you have enough to can.   ...  Also, if you go through a lot of pickles, do it in 1 gal jars in the pantry.    They will keep a couple of months if there is no scum or mold. Use as needed. 
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Re:Half Sour Pickles 2011/05/22 09:23:15
We tried the Ba tempte brand as well and enjoyed them initially but after running across several mushy I got rather turned off to them. We actually have a pickle vendor at our local farmers market and I'm sure I've seen a sign at his booth for half sours. I'll check it out.
Re:Half Sour Pickles 2011/05/22 11:48:41
I love them and they're my favorite.
Ba Tempte really isn't a good attempt.  I don't know if they're available everywhere but my Costco is now selling a refrigerated half sour pickle that is almost perfect.  I don't the brand name.
We always called them.... New Pickles.
Re:Half Sour Pickles 2011/05/22 11:49:28
Which is more garlicky, the half or the full, I really don't know!
Re:Half Sour Pickles 2011/05/22 11:57:33
The real Jewish pickles that my grandmother made and sold in her store were cured with salt, dill weed and pickling spices.  No garlic.
Those with garlic, she called Polish Pickles.
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Re:Half Sour Pickles 2011/05/22 15:56:19
Stern's Pickle Factory in Farmindale had the best 1/2 sour pickles.
They also had great sauerkraut.  Last pickle factory on Long Island.
Growing up wasn't so bad when you had food like that.