pizza here in centralia,wa

Junior Burger
2011/05/22 15:16:16
Right off of I-5 there is a pizza place called papa pete's which I swear is the next best pizza since shakey's. Its thin crust, with an enormous variety of toppings with a red sauce that is not overwhelming spicy. They have beer but don't take checks.
Re:pizza here in centralia,wa 2011/05/22 17:05:23
Welcome to Roadfood! I live in Centralia. Seems there are not many of us on this end of the U.S. I hear the place at the next exit is owned by his ex and uses the same recipe.
mr chips
Filet Mignon
Re:pizza here in centralia,wa 2011/05/22 19:43:46
Glad to hear from both of you. Shoot me a p.m if you are in portland.
Re:pizza here in centralia,wa 2011/05/23 22:15:06
Need delivery to Pittsburgh !!

Junior Burger
Re:pizza here in centralia,wa 2011/05/24 16:22:46
only if you deliver me a sandwich from Primanti (sp) !