Excellent sandwich in Excelsior, MN

Junior Burger
2011/05/25 12:18:14
DavyDD and WanderingJew probably already know about this place, but I've come across an excellent sandwich shop in Excelsior, MN (near Lake Minnetonka, just off Hwy 7) that is definately worth a try.  It is called Deli By the Bay and is a small takeout deli in the basement with its entrance facing the rear of the building.  If that isn't non-descript, I don't know what is.
The proprieter is a guy who hails from Chicago but with New Orleans roots.  You can tell that he could crank up the spice and flavor to the max if he wanted to, but the Minnesota palate dictates that he moderate it a bit.  Still, the hot sandwiches are off the charts.  Chicago Beef sandwich with peppers is great, the Chicken Philly is probably my favorite, and he will randomly whip up some BBQ Pork that makes for an excellent sandwich.  Wednesday is Gumbo Day, and it is as authentic a gumbo as you will find around here.
It is in the back of an old office and retail building just off the East Parking lot in downtown Excelsior.  Highly recommended.
Davy -- you found any other gems in the neighborhood recently?