hot dogs in okc

Junior Burger
2011/05/25 14:41:38
i am currently trying to get a hot dog cart for the okc and surrounding area.  OKC health codes say i need a commissary  to clean my cart, amongst other things, i do not have to store my cart if i understand it correctly.  How does one go about securing a commissary to help you out?
What are some other tips you could give to a newbie hot dog vendor.  I should be picking up my cart tonite hopefully, has a steamer and a grill for 1800, it seemed like a fair price considering others i have looked at.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:hot dogs in okc 2011/05/25 15:13:52
 You are in the wrong forum. You want to ask your question in  
Good Luck in your venture. 
The Bear