Erie, PA.

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2011/05/27 13:34:08
Recently took a brief trip to Erie to visit our niece at Penn State - Behrend.  Along I90, close to Erie, there were several billboards touting fireworks, stunguns and candy.  Made a quick stop at Big Woodies, but bought nothing but some regular fudge and the chocolate coverd Jelly Bellys recently on the show Kid in a Candy Store (didn't like the Jelly Bellys).  Woody was excited to say if we were from out of state, he had the "back room" where thay kept the good fireworks which were buy one, get three free. Didn't go in.

We took a tour of the campus, which was far nicer than some satellite campuses I've seen.  Here is the Research and Economic Development Center (REDC) that houses the School of Engineering and the Business School.

The Library.

The Behrand house given along with 400 acres to start the school.

And of course, the Nittany Lion.

Friday dinner was Five Guys (she had never been and wanted to go) but I saved room for New York Lunch, in downtown Erie.


The hot dogs were Smith's (a local company) skinless beef and pork, 10 to a pound.  Good taste, though I wish they had been the natural casing dogs Smith's makes.


The had a two dog and drink special on the menu, but the kid behind the counter let me get a bottle of Cheerwine instead of a fountain drink for the same price. Tipped an extra dollar. 

Saturday we went to breakfast at  The Breakfast Place.  My camera failed so no more pictures the rest of the trip.    The Breakfast Place is open mornings till about 3 pm or so, but on the weekends, they are open late night till the next day.  Large portions are the norm, and the wait can be long, though it was only 10 or 15 minutes for us.  I had two coneys, though they weren't Smith's but that's all the waitress would tell me. There are images of the menu and food on the urbanspoon site.  Very highly recommend The Breakfast Place.
I had read about the International Bakery, and had gone there Saturday morning before breakfast.  Bought some canollis and cookies, and a few very good pepperoni rolls.  They also seemed to supply a lot of the restaurants with pizza shells, cheese and sauce. As we were leaving to meet our niece for breakfast, we noticed a gelateria and an Italian grocery.  It seems this was the 'Little Italy' of Erie.
International Bakery
610 W 18th St
Erie, PA 16502
(814) 452-3435
After breakfast, and some packing of things from her dorm room, we went back to 'Little Italy' for gelato and a look around.  The blood orange gelato was excellent, as was my stand-by, the stracciatella.
Gelateria Barbara
602 W 18th St
Erie, PA 16502
(814) 452-4363
We then walked across the street (all three places were within 50 yards of each other) to Arnone's Bakery & Italian Deli.  The same pastries as International Bakery, but also groceries and a nice deli selection.  We bought some store made hot and sweet Italian sausage to grill out at when we took our niece home.  Excellent sausage.
Arnone's Bakery & Italian Deli
564 W 18th St
Erie, PA 16502
(814) 453-5866
The Italian section was a bonus to a very nice trip.  Hopefully next time I'll be able to post more pictures.

Re:Erie, PA. 2011/05/29 20:35:00
Sounds like a great trip, especially with the bonus discovery of the "Little Italy" area.  I am now totally hooked on gelato...blood orange sounds great.  Thanks for the report, I'm sure there are lots of folks who head to the Penn State area from here that this will help out.
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Re:Erie, PA. 2011/05/29 21:30:23
Very nice report - thanks for the details.  I have always wondered what the Penn State campus in Erie looks like, seeing the signs whenever I drive through along the 90.  The food pictures are also nice, particularly the ones from New York Lunch.  That's a place to check out on the next trip that way.
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Re:Erie, PA. 2011/05/30 11:11:35
Those look a lot like the greek dogs I used to get at Christo's on 26th (which I think is now closed) when I would go home with my college roommate.  Very fond memory of that sauce.  It was also really good on fries.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Erie, PA. 2011/05/31 13:52:06
Thanks ChicagoIrish and Buffalo Tarheel.  The blood orange gelato was probably the best tasting one I've ever had. And having all three places so close together made it incredibley convenient.  It really is a nice setting for a campus. and you're a fan of chili dogs and stun guns, so much the better.
hatteras04, you are spot on in re the 'greek dogs'  Any place we stopped listed the chili dogs as 'greek dogs'.
We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express that was about 10 miles closer to Jamestown than the one on Peach Street.  Peach Street was a trraffic nightmare and the one going to Jamestown (North East, PA) was right off the I-90 and very convenient to campus.  Though we didn't get to take advantage of it, we could have gotten $7 each in slots credit at Presque Isle Downs and Casino through H.I.E.
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Re:Erie, PA. 2011/05/31 15:19:58
Enjoyed your report.  It is always fun to read what places people choose to eat.  I  would not have gone for the  5 Guys but it is very nice that you took your niece there.  The   Italian bakery and deli  sounded  great!                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
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Re:Erie, PA. 2011/05/31 15:47:48
I wish I could remember the place down on the lake where they offered wonderful fried perch?  I know it had been there along time.
Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN