Best Mexican in Dallas and Garland

Junior Burger
2011/05/27 22:06:29
We love El Taquito Cafe on East Grand in Dallas, right before you get to I-30...the establishment is old and worn out, but the food is awesome. The cheese enchiladas are meltingly good, and they have an excellent queso sauce to sub for chili on them. My husband likes the Pechuga (not sure if I spelled that right) grilled chicken breast, seasoned and served with rice and a salad. My 7yr old will polish off an entire 3 cheese enchilada plate with rice and beans! The guacamole is just avocado, just how we like it. My only complaint here is that sometimes their taco shells are stale tasting and while they do have the elusive puffed tacos that are extremely good , sometimes their shells are too hard and chewy as well.  They have great fajitas and large portions for very reasonable prices. I see a lot of people eating the Caldo soup in the winter, but I have never tried it. One word of caution, dont even try the hot sauce until your drink is at the table, it varies in heat from day to day and you want to make sure you have a drink if that day is blistering!
In Garland, downtown on Main specifically, we love Dos banderos. We discovered this place just this past Christmas, we didnt have a vehicle for a while and relying on DART, we started trying to look for places a little close to home. I would walk the 4 miles from my house to this place just for the tacos alone. Their hot sauce is mild enough for my 5yr olds, but very tasty. I usually end up using a whole bowl on my own. DH gets soft tacos, or the pachuga, it has mushrooms and a creamy jalepeno type sauce. He wasnt expecting the sauce or the heat, but he said it was really good. Fresh chips and very friendly staff make this place a wonderful new find for us.
 Just a disclaimer. I have no financial interest in either establishment or have any reasons for promoting them other than wanting to share good food with other people