Our meals in Virginia Beach Va

Filet Mignon
2011/05/31 19:59:50

Over all,  I do not have anything  outstanding to report on dinining at Virginia Beach.  Maybe it is because  the time of of day, that we had to eat as a family, had something to do with it but  I  found  no  exceptional meals!
One of our best meals was at http://www.mojitocafevab.com/  This is a fairly new place in Virginia Beach and  the  food is  excellent.  My  daughter in law  said that her fish tacoes  were terrific   but not  as good  as mine. Everyone else loved their meals and the mojitos  were the  best . 
Our meal at Rockerfellers  was very ordinary.  I ordered the fried oysters which were way overcooked........also the coating was way too thick.  My son had a seafood bucket which he enjoyed and the rest of the family were ok  with their meals.  I would not hurry back here again.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         .
We had a great time at Rudee's.  The  kids loved sitting outdoors at the gliding tables.  The  service was excellent but  here again, the food was not wha I expected...........tiny  overcooked  oysters.  I will say that the cole slaw was some of the best that I ever had.  My son had a seafood platter, which he loved.  He  said that the scallops were wonderful.  My daughter in law's  fish tacos  were  not great.  The kids were happy with their shrimp  but  the meal was expensive for the quality that we received.............maybe it was because  we had to eat dinner  late in the afternoon. http://www.rudees.com/
I think that if we did not have this terrible time frame to eat within (due to grandson's  wrestling schedule that we would have done far better but  everyone had a great time and  sometimes that means more than outstanding food.

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Interesting about Rockafellers. I haven't had the oysters there.  Last time I went was during the mess in the gulf and they had a sign up saying no oysters. Looks like I wont be trying them next time if I go back.
They were a decent lunch stop especially because they had parking and the service was super fast (a big plus when you have kids under 8).
Problem with Virginia Beach is, IMO,  there just arent that many solid roadfood choices especially in the area near the beach.  The restaurants know they have people coming in regardless.
I had better food at Mahi Mahs, but not really roadfood and you are definitely paying a premium for being right off the boardwalk overlooking the beach (not to mention how LOUD it is in there, and reportedly inconsistent service, something I haven't yet experienced there )
Filet Mignon
Re:Our meals in Virginia Beach Va 2011/06/01 18:24:31
I should have changed my order at Rockerfellows aft the  conversation with the waitress!
Me......".I would like the oysters very lightly done"
waitress.......".oh  the coating is not that heavy."
me................".Well, i do not want them overdone."
waitress  (with  great big smile)  ....".Don't worry,  you will be  able to taste the oysters!"
At that point, i should have settled for a fish sandwich!
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Re:Our meals in Virginia Beach Va 2011/06/01 19:10:30
Its always a dissappointment to have mediocre food when hoping for better. I only found a couple of bright spots while in St.Louis, and I sure was looking forward to some treasures. We ate better in the 2 days we were at the Mayor's( one being a gorgeous steak dinner made by Janet)than we did in 4 days in Missouri.
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Re:Our meals in Virginia Beach Va 2011/06/17 18:14:19
Terrapins is my favorite restaurant at the beach.  It's kind of fancy, but if you are there during the week, they have all kinds of deals.

The best plain old friend seafood is at Surfrider, a small local chain.  Crabcakes can't be beat.

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Re:Our meals in Virginia Beach Va 2011/06/27 16:35:39
Not to make Greymo feel worse but I've got to be honest, we just returned from an annual sojourn to Virginia Beach and -- likely because our dining choices are both ingrained and well-tested (as previously touted by me on this very site) -- there was not a bad meal to be had including:
  Breakfasts at the Belvedere Coffee Shop (36th & Atlantic), Beach Pub (Laskin Road) and Doc Taylors (23rd between Atlantic & Pacific);
  Lunches at Catch 31 (in the Virginia Beach Hilton at 31st & Atlantic) and Big Sam's (in the Rudee Inlet);
  and Dinners at Chick's Oyster Bar (near the Lynnhaven Inlet & Shore Drive) and Waterman's (5th & Atlantic).
We also patronized the Beach Bagel Bakery (on Laskin at First Colonial Road) on our last morning there (and for the second year in a row) and had a great albeit informal knoshing breakfast there (with outstanding cookies to go, too).
All outstanding and I recommend each.  
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Re:Our meals in Virginia Beach Va 2011/06/27 17:10:33
Iwanago and I have had dinner at the Catch 31 at the Hilton several times and we have enjoyed it each and every time.  Great choice and great sea food.
Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN 
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Re:Our meals in Virginia Beach Va 2011/06/28 15:18:08
We love Nick's, a small informal local place on Laskin Rd a couple of blocks from the beach. Great fresh seafood and real vegetables (not just salad and baked potato). Last trip up we had wonderful fresh corn and green beans. We will be ther next week and can't wait!
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Re:Our meals in Virginia Beach Va 2011/06/29 18:53:31
Doc Taylor's is great for breakfast.  In Pungo (south of Va Beach about 20 minutes) there's Pungo Pizza (get the garlic knots and homemade pies with your pizza and play some pinball or video games in the backroom) and Blue Pete's - more upscale, take a sweater.  While you're in Pungo, check out the Military Air Museum for a wonderful privately owned display of WWI/II and Korean War era airplanes. In Va Beach check out Bubba's.  We like it better than Rudee's or Rockafellars.   Finally, you've got to try Margie & Ray's Seafood on the way to Sandbridge. It's always packed, has big portions and is very good.
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Re:Our meals in Virginia Beach Va 2011/07/08 10:18:45
We used to frequent Lynnhaven Fish House alot when we lived up there.  There was also an Italian place that we liked, I can't recall the name of it but it had a huge ficus tree in the middle of the dining room covered in little white xmas tree lights.  And we liked Hog Heaven for BBQ. 
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Re:Our meals in Virginia Beach Va 2011/07/08 10:37:51

There was also an Italian place that we liked, I can't recall the name of it but it had a huge ficus tree in the middle of the dining room covered in little white xmas tree lights.