Five Flavor-Bomb Burgers

Filet Mignon
2011/06/05 09:11:50
A Wall Street Journal piece on five messy burgers from these restaurants:
Radius - Boston
Bam's Roadhouse Grill - Lago Vista, TX
Holeman and Finch Public House - Atlanta
Breslin Bar & Dining Room - New York City
Bradley Ogden - Las Vegas
Plus a video of Rick Bayless giving grilling advice, and a video of some crazy Texans grilling a whole steer.
I've heard of Radius, and chef Ogden, but not the others.  Has anyone eaten at any of the five?
Here's the link.
Re:Five Flavor-Bomb Burgers 2011/07/06 11:53:49
Oh yes, the burger from Bam's Roadhouse looks ridiculous. I've never felt the need to go to Texas until now haha