Lighthouse Donuts, Indian Rocks Beach, FL

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2011/06/08 07:58:58
Last weekend, we drove over to the other coast of FL to meet up with some old friends that were down for a visit. While there, I had the chance to try this place a couple of times...

They have a nice selection of flavors & styles, including...
clockwise: glazed, key lime, double chocolate cake & raspberry jelly

frosted cake & apple fritter
I really enjoyed the fact that all their stuff was not overly sweet, which let the other flavors stand out.
The Lighthouse Donuts, 215 Gulf Blvd., Indian Rocks Beach, FL 727-517-8722
Junior Burger
Re:Lighthouse Donuts, Indian Rocks Beach, FL 2011/12/27 18:30:58
Oh wow those look delicious!