"Simon and Garfunkel chicken" damn good.

Filet Mignon
2011/06/09 22:17:22
I picked this off of AmazingRibs, a website by a fellow named Craig Goldwyn, who calls himself "Meathead". Out of respect for his work I'll ask you to follow the link (to a PHENOMENAL bbq website) for the instructions, but I will add some notes here on changes I made in preparation and execution.
Meathead's recipe calls for a whole chicken, skinless, on a grill, indirect and at about 400*, and using a rotisserie if possible; I did boneless skinless thighs, on a Big Green Egg, indirect at 325*. I did the lower temp because of the thinner cuts; I figured at 325* I could relax around them a bit. They took a while, almost a half an hour, because as soon as I put them on the skies cut loose with a vicious hour long thunder- and lightning- and hail- storm. Temps dropped 30* in a matter of minutes, and the rain it fell in buckets. I was dashing in and out of the house under an umbrella checking the pit and meat temps.
He calls for about a tablespoon of rub for a whole chicken; I used about half a cup for 12 thighs. I used too much. I could tell when I did it that it was going to be too much, and I spent some time wiping with paper towels. The spice mix itself is really, really awesome, but it includes a considerable amount of black pepper and crushed red pepper, and that made it pretty hot for what is essentially a savory chicken dish.
I really give thumbs up to this recipe. The meal is super easy to make: it is simple, and the flavor is sublime, delicious, and unexpected. Chicken on the egg is a dream, I've not had a dry result in half a dozen cooks, even when I've overshot internal temps it's been good. I Egged these to 165* and they were just perfect. If you're looking for a break from bbq'd, then lemon/garlic, then teriyaki, then Italian, you should give this one a go; it's really excellent.
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Re:"Simon and Garfunkel chicken" damn good. 2011/06/10 10:41:23
I clicked on the link, but I expected something else.  
I guess if it was named Paul Simon Chicken, it could be chicken on the Egg.
Or, you could just call it a Mother and Child Reunion.
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Re:"Simon and Garfunkel chicken" damn good. 2011/06/10 10:59:44
TTM, is the link broken? From my laptop, the two links go where I wanted them to; the first one goes to the recipe for the spice mix, and the second one goes to the recipe for the preparation of the dish. The recipe for the spice mix is toward the bottom of the article.
How are your travels these days? Seeing much baseball? I miss the photos from the minor league stadia.
Re:"Simon and Garfunkel chicken" damn good. 2011/06/10 11:40:29
Sounds like they knocked off my Scarborough Fair chicken
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Re:"Simon and Garfunkel chicken" damn good. 2011/06/10 11:40:42
No, sorry, I was trying to make a joke.  When I first read of Simon and Garfunkel chicken, what popped into my head was the Paul Simon song, Mother and Child Reunion - whose name came from a chicken and eggs dish.  So, I clicked on the link before I read what you wrote and realized that it was something different.  But, it was really just the mental gymnastics in my own head that caused it.
Things are going fine.  I did a lot more college baseball visits this year than minor leagues.  I still need to finish up my last three major league parks (Toronto, Minnesota, and the new Yankees stadium).  I'll try to hit a couple of minor league parks this summer, but this spring, I hit UC Irvine, UCLA, USC, Cal State Fullerton, NC State, Rice and UNC.  Got to see your new #1 pick, Gerritt Cole pitch for UCLA - he got torched by CS Bakersfield.  I got lucky - every game I saw this year featured at least one time that made it to the postseason.  Tickets are cheap (most were $7; the most expensive was $12), and most of the time, you can sit wherever you want and see a level of play that is at least on par with mid-tier minor league ball.
Hope things are well with you, too.
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Re:"Simon and Garfunkel chicken" damn good. 2011/06/10 12:23:24
How do the new bats affect the game from a spectator's standpoint? It must look more like baseball as we know it!
There didn't seem to be any standouts this year like there were the last couple. First round pitchers are never that great a risk, even a guy with an upside like Strasburg. Will he be the same after TJ surgery? Probably, but maybe not. But the top hitter, Rendon, has so many question marks after being injured so much throughout his amateur career. I'm glad the Buccos took the chance on the big arm. If he doesn't pan out, well, it's not like we've never been disappointed. We took Bryan Bullington #1 overall in '02, in '01 we took a big hitting outfielder #8 overall (John van Benschoten) and converted him to a pitcher (!), a couple years ago we took a guy (Danny Moskos) because he projected as signable and "a major league middle reliever" etc. At least this time we took the big guy.
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Re:"Simon and Garfunkel chicken" damn good. 2011/06/10 16:03:19
The new bats seem to have tempered the gaudy power numbers, but I still saw some good pokes.  Scoring is way down this year - which is a combination of improved college pitching (over the years...not a one year phenomenon), improved pitching overall (scoring is down in the pros, too), and the new bats.  Still, I saw a number of double-digit scoring games - and not ones involving one ranked team beating up on a weaker opponent.  I think the CS-Fullerton-Long Beach State game was the highest scoring match I saw this year.  
This draft is said to be the deepest in years.  No, there was no Strasburg or Bryce Harper (who was hyped since he was a 16 y/o on the cover of SI!), but picks 2-30 in the first round and the supplemental picks should be better than in recent years.  Cole is not Strasburg, but he could be as good as David Price, who went #1 a few years ago to Tampa.  I do think that it is possible that Rendon could still end up being the best player to come out of the draft down the road.  Also, There is a lot of near-major league ready college pitching talent in the first round - Cole, Hultzen (UVA, went #2 to SEA), Bauer (#3, UCLA to ARZ), Taylor Jungmann (#12, Texas to MLW), Jed Bradley (#15, Ga Tech to MLW), Sonny Gray (#18, Vandy to OAK) , Matt Barnes (#19, UConn to BOS) are all #1 starters (except Bauer, who had a better year than Cole!) from their college teams.  These are all guys who could start their minor league careers at either AA or AAA and I would bet that at least one of them will be on a major league roster next April.  The Milwaukee haul was especially impressive.
Re:"Simon and Garfunkel chicken" damn good. 2011/06/27 10:42:11
I've used this recipe before I joined this site. Funny thing, I used way too much of the seasoning too. I didn't realize it at the time; I thought I was using it pretty sparingly. A second attempt using MUCH less seasoning yielded better results but I feel like the pepper was a little too subtle. I used it on pork tenderloins.. goooood stuff!