Rhode Island clam chowder in Ct

2011/06/14 18:39:05
Though I live in Ct, I love Rhode Island style clam chowder with the clear broth.  In the last month I have had it in four southern Ct restaurants which were formerly renowned for their recipe.  What happened? Did the chowder gods decree that monstrous chunks of potato are now required?  The best of the four was Blue Cottage in Branford...flavorful but too much red skin potato .  Next, Westbrook Lobster in Wallingford...fairly flavorful but too much potato and minimal clam.  Lenny's in Branford...not much flavor and again, too much potato.  Lastly, Fishtale in Madison...strong flavor of dishwater and not hot.
Anyone have any recommendations for a decent bowl in the area?
Re:Rhode Island clam chowder in Ct 2011/06/27 08:24:26
Unfortunately, it's been several years since I've been there, but the Blue Lobster at 376 Berlin Turnpike in Berlin (RT 15) has had a very good RI style chowder in past years.   Hopefully, it's still as good, plus it's fairly close to Cheshire.
Re:Rhode Island clam chowder in Ct 2011/07/02 17:30:15
Thanks for the suggestion mjambro, I'll give it a try.  Two more disappointments in the RI chowder department: Capt. Scotts in New London...nothing but very large potato pieces and strong potato flavor with a hint of bacon.  No sign of clams having been in the area.  Bills Seafood in Westbrook has it closer to right with potato size but overall the chowder is mediocre at best.  Will continue the search.
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Re:Rhode Island clam chowder in Ct 2012/09/29 05:10:50
Thanks for sharing the useful information.
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Re:Rhode Island clam chowder in Ct 2012/09/29 20:15:40
Aw.....man...I am so sorry to hear that about Capt. Scotts.........Haven't been there now in about 5 years, but that was my "go-to" spot for all sorts of things (including, of course great fried clams) before catching the ferry to Fishers.  I'm a NE chowder fan, but I like the RI version.....and love the RI clam fritters.  Had the RI chowder back around 2008 at Capt Scotts and it was good.....yes.a hint of bacon, but lots of clams and not much potatoe.  Guess the economy wrecks another good spot
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Re:Rhode Island clam chowder in Ct 2012/09/30 20:28:37
If you're of a mind to make your own all the ingredients can be found online. My favourite source for Rhode Island goodies is Kenyon's Mill online store. Good canned Rhode Island clams and a clam cake mix that can't be beat.