Northern California...

Double Cheeseburger
2011/06/15 03:00:44
Here in Mendocino County:
BROILER STEAKHOUSE - Ukiah, CA - grilled over oak flames (not coals) classic restaurant in a very unassuming exterior, interior is a time capsule like a snapshot back to 1960 (it's been in business for many decades...YUM...!!  Coupon special in the local shopping news
AL'S REDWOOD ROOM - Willits, CA - this is one of the benchmarks I measure all Noo Yawk steaks by. Also classic hot beef / hot turkey plates. Prime Rib was a bit too fatty...
TAQUERIA BRAVO - US Hwy 101, downtown Willits, CA...this is a very popular, authentic place to eat. Campesino's join Caucasion & Native American patrons...
LUMBERJACK - Willits, CA - US Hwy 101 at south end of town - watch competitive lumberjack contests on TV while you eat high quality "Americana Food"...
THE WHEELS CAFE - Laytonville US Hwy 101 downtown - ignore the poor attempt at automotive pop wall art as you enjoy a tasty 4 Egg Tri-Tip Omelet ...

In Plumas County:
THE ROADHOUSE (nee The Log Cabin) - Portola, CA on Calif Hwy 70- ignore the fantastic wood burl front door, piorch, and backbar, go for the food...this place can confidently claim to serve genuine roadhouse food (not all food joints can).
Dee's STATION HOUSE CAFE - Portola, CA - Great for old fashioned breakfast - this is where the local railroad crews often eat...
COYOTE CAFE - Greaegle, CA - good honest food, another small semi-backroad mountain cafe, about an hour west of Reno, NV - near the jct of Calif Hwy 70 & Calif Hwy 89...
GOLD CITY - Oroville, CA - Oroville Dam Blvd (Calif Hwy 162 west of I-5) much better than the mass produced big box food chain places nearby...
In Klamath Falls, OR:
ELMER'S - 6TH Street - try their Prime Rib French Dip and a milkshake...I did and would do it again.
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Ralph Melton
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Northern California... 2011/06/16 17:58:41
I'll be driving through Northern California in a few weeks, so I'm glad to read this.
Re:Northern California... 2011/06/17 00:41:38
How did K Falls enter the picture?
Ralph, if you're up this way, drop me a pm.
smokestack lightning
Re:Northern California... 2011/06/17 01:44:05
Ralph Melton

I'll be driving through Northern California in a few weeks, so I'm glad to read this.

If you let me know where you will be and what you want to find I will recommend some places.
Filet Mignon
Re:Northern California... 2011/06/17 16:17:15
In Chico--Morning Thunder--GREAT breakfasts and burgers,French Roast coffee--and--the best looking,most pleasant and efficient PROFESSIONAL waitresses in the state!===and
for dinner--the Sierra Nevada Brew Pub--this brewery is AWESOME--acres of copper and brass indoors--a state of the art music venue upstairs--(big blues fans)--and acres of barley and hops outside---they actual grow their own!!!--and Wonderful beers--many that are only available at the brewery pub---a great tour too!
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Re:Northern California... 2011/06/17 17:55:30
JACKS GRILL IN REDDING FOUNDED IN 1938 AND VERY LITTLE CHANGED, I doubt you will find a better steak anywhere in CA ( or anywhere else for that matter)
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Re:Northern California... 2011/06/24 21:23:32
Bill, K-Falls entered the picture because it's just a hiccup over the state line (with a great view of Mt Shasta)...
The SAMOA COOKHOUSE is a well known eatery that I enjoyed again 2 nights ago...just west of Eureka on the North Spit of Humboldt Bay...Open 7:oo AM to 8:oo PM...damn good food...and a great collection of lumberjack photo...
I called ahead to see what was on the menu (it changes) and opted to wait for the dinner menu, which was roast beef AND chicken fired pork steaks (both, not either / or)...and with good food like this, who needs more than 1 item on the menu...
That's right, that's ALL that was served, that was THE menu in it's's blue collar road food, and they'll ask if you want SECONDS, before offering you the included desert...
You won't walk away hungrey from this place, where seating is "family style" with long tables covered with red checked table clothes. The hostess was warm, the waitresses were attentive, and the food was perfect...
At our table was a couple from Southern california that had heard about this place, and they were very happy with their meal...
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Northern California... 2011/06/24 21:51:26
I make the same offer...
Ralph, what will your itinerary be...???
the GOLD CITY DINER in Oroville is a place I often stop by for lunch...I mentioned this already, but FYI Oroville is in BUTTE County, not Plumas County... 
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Ralph Melton
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Re:Northern California... 2011/06/27 17:03:46
My itinerary through Oregon and Northern California is not yet clear, and I would welcome advice. I've broken that out into a separate thread at .
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Northern California... 2013/01/31 17:52:04
Ralph...tell us about your trip and where you ate please...
Re:Northern California... 2013/01/31 18:10:09
Ahh, one of my most favorite parts of the USA!
When we had our little vineyard in Healdsburg, we used to travel up Mendocino way very often. 
We preferred the seafood to steak. So, nothing to recommend.
But, I would not hesitate to eat anywhere that BackRhodes recommends.
Re:Northern California... 2013/02/27 17:32:56
Went there this past January with Redding locals. Agree with your review. We'll definitely go back!!

JACKS GRILL IN REDDING FOUNDED IN 1938 AND VERY LITTLE CHANGED, I doubt you will find a better steak anywhere in CA ( or anywhere else for that matter)