Memaws BBQ Melbourne/Palm Bay FL

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2011/06/18 00:15:49
I've passed this place several times but the lunch special on the sign drew me in. Pork plate with fries, beans, slaw and garlic toast for $7.50. The food was good with a choice of pulled or sliced pork. I had the sliced and it had a nice smoke ring and was a generous serving. Next time I'll try the pulled pork just to see how it is. There was a large serving of pretty good fries and two very large slices of garlic toast. Unfortunately the beans and slaw serving was very small. maybe 1/3 cup if lucky. Both were very tasty however and frankly I could've done with more slaw and beans and less fries. Next time I'll probably order a larger serving of beans as they had some nice pieces of pork in them.
Looks like they have a pretty large menu.
If you're in that neck of the woods I think it's worth a stop.