Edgewater Inn (Indianford WI)

2011/06/18 17:14:10
The Edgewater Inn is a breakfast/lunch place that's open from 6am to 2pm Monday through Saturday, but on Fridays the owner reopens from 4pm to 8pm for fish fry.

Why does it have the name?  My guess is because it's on the eastern bank of the Rock River...drive up or boat up!  

It's not a very big place.

We sat in the front corner booth; there are 2 other booths out of the shot to the left.

The rolls are store-bought but it was interesting that they were baked together, not separately.  The light one was a rye with caraway seeds and the darker one was a little sweeter, like pumpernickel maybe?

The fish choices are perch, catfish, cod, and bluegill, all hand-dipped in homemade batter.  I ordered the 3-piece perch dinner and chose hash browns, which I'm pretty sure are homemade.

The batter was nice and crisp without being too thick and the perch was flaky and mild.  I chose to add a little salt.

Kathy chose catfish and french fries, which I think might be the frozen variety.  Like the perch it was very good, although I'm pretty sure it wasn't fresh-caught from the river.

Dessert choices included homemade pie, either blueberry or cherry.  I won't touch the stuff but Kathy chose the cherry and pronounced it very good.

I think we'll definitely go back to try the bluegill and maybe some Saturday for breakfast or lunch.  It's a small operation and I think we might've been the only people in there who the owner didn't greet by name; in fact, she asked us where we were from.  Uh, about 15 minutes away...
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Re:Edgewater Inn (Indianford WI) 2011/06/19 07:21:11
Nice report, ScreamingChicken. 
I wonder why they have homemade hash browns but not french fries.   BTW, did you notice the satellite dish out by the roadway?
I just noticed the sign.  The first two lines are "Daily Specials" and "No Frills & Frys."  No Frills & Frys?
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Re:Edgewater Inn (Indianford WI) 2011/06/19 09:15:26
Nice report Brad! That dinner looks so good!
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Re:Edgewater Inn (Indianford WI) 2011/06/19 09:44:31
Now thats a roadfood treasure! Bob would go ape over the hasbrowns...
Re:Edgewater Inn (Indianford WI) 2011/06/19 10:39:36
Good point about the potatoes, Don.  The size and uniformity of the fries are what led me to believe they're from a bag but hash browns can be one of those things that're hard to decipher.  In this case there were a couple of green-tinged shreds in my order, which got me thinking they were an in-house product.  I'll have to ask the next time I'm there (which doesn't excuse me from not asking in the first place).
"No frills and frys" is an order of 3 burgers and french fries for $5, carryout only, and perfect for someone heading down to the water, over to the dam to do a little fishing, or on his way to one of the nearby county parks.