Lehigh Valley Cheesteak Showdown

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2011/06/18 17:14:15
The Express Times in Easton PA has done a series on the Best Cheesteaks in the Lehigh Valley. The winner was Giacomo's in Easton. I've posted a link to the winning announcement.
The articles are not user friendly at all. I couldn't find a complete list of all the ratings, and you pretty much have to jump around various links to find all the places and reviews. Plus some are videos and others are writeups. On top of that it's apparently all the work of just two reporters.
Still in all, I've got a few new places to check out next time I get out that way. Oddly enough, the two real good cheesteaks I know of in the area, Zandy's and the Brass Rail, weren't among the 13 places they visited.
Re:Lehigh Valley Cheesteak Showdown 2011/06/18 21:29:01
I've seen it and have tried Crossroads, but thats the only one on the list for me. Otherwise I find it wayyyyy too heavy in favor of the Northampton County side of the Valley. They should have called it The Best Cheeststeak IN Northampton and adjoining New Jersey. I'm not doubting that the other selections on their list are good but don't exclude Lehigh County !!!!
Junior Burger
Re:Lehigh Valley Cheesteak Showdown 2011/12/28 13:55:12
Nothing like a good cheesesteak !
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Lehigh Valley Cheesteak Showdown 2011/12/29 18:25:36
Since this thread has popped up again, it reminded me that I did get to Giacomo's a couple of months ago. Very nice clean deli type place in a resdential neighborhood. They were doing a booming business at lunch time, but the line moved quick (very efficient) and there were enough seats for all. And a dam good cheesteak too. I would rate it right up there with the best anywhere: