Cheap chinese in Framingham, MA

Junior Burger
2003/04/07 21:34:28
For the last 10 years or so, Lisa and I have been eating at this secret little noodle shop on Route 9 in Framingham, Massachusetts. It's called EO Noodle. Odd name, but we sort of figured out that EO might mean "OK" in Chinese, and that kind of fits.

It ain't fancy, the tables are always sticky, and they have the ricketiest chairs we've ever sat in. But, the food is the best inexpensive Chinese I've ever eaten. The scallion pancakes are ultra crispy and always served piping hot. They make them by hand in the back. Any one of the dumplings are a sure thing. Most of the appetizers come with tart pickled vegetables that are served mostly as a garnish, but they're delicious.

My favorite is the wonton soup (available with or without noodles). It's simple fare, but it's as fresh as you can get this side of Chinatown. Lisa likes the Dan Dan Noodles, served with peanut sauce and the spicy szechuan raviolis. The brave should try the fish ball soup. I wasn't really sure what to expect, and was relieved to find balls of doughy stuff with fish in it. Wierd, but good.

Oh, and don't dawdle at the counter. The proprietor is gruff and doesn't suffer fools gladly. That said, he's a really nice guy when you get to know him. It's only taken us 10 years.