Toasted Corn Doritos

Junior Burger
2011/07/07 23:09:50
For a long time Toasted Corn Doritos were not in my area in Ohio,after requesting them they finally came.lasted for a year and now I can no longer find them anymore. I remember as a kid when Doritos first came out it was plain(toasted Corn) and Taco flavored before Nacho Cheese came around a few years later. What is up with toasted corn not available nationwide?
Filet Mignon
Re:Toasted Corn Doritos 2011/07/08 00:55:12
I just did a search on the Doritos website for locations with a Columbus address for Toasted Corn Doritos and came up with the following:
Kroger: 3353 Cleveland Ave.
Kroger: 150 W Sycamore St.
Kroger: 20-90 Bethel Rd.
Five Brothers: 1230 E. Long St.
Kroger 1630 Morse Rd.
Save-A-Lot: 1179 E. Main St.
Wal Mart: 3900 Morse Rd.
Meijer: 5555 Cleveland Ave.
Exxon Tiger Mart: 2097 E. Livingston Ave.
Giant Eagle: 4780 W. Broad St.
Kroger: 1585 Georgesville Square
Meijer: 1661 Hilliard Rome Rd.
Wal Mart: 5200 West Pointe Plz.
Wal Mart: 1221 Georgesville Rd.
Kroger: 55 W. Schrock Rd.
S. High St. Dutche$$ Shoppe: 4569 S. High St.
(There are additional locations listed for Hilliard & Dublin addresses.)
ann peeples
Re:Toasted Corn Doritos 2011/07/08 03:52:21
Gosh, I completely forgot about those, not having had them in years!! I was so intent on the original taco flavored ones making a comeback that I never even looked for those. I am now on a mission...
Junior Burger
Re:Toasted Corn Doritos 2011/07/16 16:11:54
Hello from Columbus Ohio
I was in Giant Eagle today and saw the frito lay guy stocking the shelves.I enquired about toasted Corn Doritos and he informed me that they have been discontinued in my area because they were not a big enough seller. He also said original Taco doritos isn't doing great either.