Willy Dog Carts

Junior Burger
2011/07/09 01:55:40
I have recently purchased a cart from Willy Dogs! 
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Junior Burger
Re:Willy Dog Carts 2011/07/09 04:30:24
Have you contacted Willydogs?  im sure that whatever your issues have been, they would want to know.  If they are small items, like a knob breaking or valve sticking...it could be that they got a bad lot......it happens with new cars as well.   Don't forget that with each set up and teardown and drive, parts get jostled and bounced around.   Please give us a few specifics
Junior Burger
Re:Willy Dog Carts 2011/07/09 17:11:11
The so called Hurricane Umbrella is anything but, it isn't even vented. The condiment bottles and tongs are the lowest quality possible. Better ones can be found at your local dollar store and would be an upgrade. The meat cooler drain leaked profusely. One of the burner control knob/valve has a broken stop nut so the valve is loose and makes maintaining a flame level virtually impossible. The burners blow out at the slightest breeze. Cart specs on website indicated a two-stage LPG regulator, what I received was a very low quality single stage regulator which may be another reason burner control is difficult. Supposedly the meat cooler was supposed to be fabricated with a "built-in-thermometer", which I pointed out to my local HD during the Plan Review/HACCP Plan. Yet there was not one installed. Have contacted Willy Dogs with my concerns and was quickly reminded about the disclaimer on their website that states Willy Dogs has the right to change their specifications without notice to improve overall design or functionality. Problem is the changes were anything but an upgrade except for maybe their bottom line by cutting corners. They have promised to send me a new drain assembly for the meat cooler. Not holding my breath on that one. The burner control knob/valve issue has not been brought to their attention as of yet, as this malfunction was discovered last night, while I was troubleshooting the burner control issue. I will be contacting them this Mon about the burner problem. Please don't get me wrong the overall build and structure is sound, good welds, smooth corners. But all these problems place doubt in my mind as to what other problems am I going to have in the future, will the trailer wheels and bearings suddenly fail in the near future. Additionally had trouble with trailer lighting right out the crate. As I soon discovered and repaired myself, they had applied a zinc coating on the trailer tongue, so when they drilled out a hole for the ground screw, the ground terminal could not achieve a good ground. I got out my Dremel tool and ground away the zinc coating down to bare metal, re-installed the ground screw and terminal and problem was solved.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Willy Dog Carts 2011/07/09 19:35:30
I feel your pain, Ya buy an American made product and they slap on as many Chinese accessarys as possible. It's called greed.
I hate buying anything. Still drive a 1989 Toyota cuz I'm afraid to buy anything. It's all crap.
Got into this business cuz I don't wanna be a crap seller, or be associated with them.
No boss demanding I ripoff customers, no employees ripping me off.
Kinda sad when the last move you make to get away from crap sellers, yer sold crap from cart seller.
Yes, Hot Dogs, Chips and Sodas are all basically crap, but the customer knows that.
If someone has an issue with my product, they get a new one AND their money back.
I don't wanna get rich ripping off others. What's rich? Buying more inferior crap?
I would rather struggle  with dignity than gloat in luxery cuz I took them suckers.
Junior Burger
Re:Willy Dog Carts 2011/07/18 20:39:14
Update, WilliyDogs has recently sent me and I have received a new drain assembly for my cart. Additionally the problem I have been having with burners blowing out with the slightest breeze. Willy Dogs is sending me two new burners and control valve assemblies. Although my first post about the Willy Dog cart were quite negative, they seem to be a cart manufacturer that stands behind their product. In other words their service after the sale is honorable and that they truly back their product with service support an honor their warranties. I only wish that the product I received the 2011 Hummer cart had been good to go right out of the crate. Unfortunately, I have had to endure some problems that one should not have to deal with in the first place. I mean come on, you give a manufacturer close to $6400.00 dollars for a cart to serve up and sell one of the most simplest of faire i.e.,  the hot dog. You would think that there would be no problems encountered in the first place. But hey maybe I am expecting too much. To think that something is supposed to work as promoted and marketed. But at any rate I will say that Willy Dogs is doing their best to see that I have a first rate cart and am able to make a good living with their cart.
Junior Burger
Re:Willy Dog Carts 2013/02/07 20:38:53
dear righthandfan
did you spend $6400 for hummer?
I wouldn't know because I bought one used.
online, it sells for $3500 isn't it?
how's your business?
danny from houston.
Re:Willy Dog Carts 2013/02/07 21:50:08
Wow, I'm glad I built my own cart!  I was thinking that maybe if I needed a second one I would just buy it but I will probably build it if it gets to that point...
Re:Willy Dog Carts 2013/02/07 22:16:35
I have heard bad and good about willy dog carts.
if you do a google search for hot dog cart complaints, mostly willy dog comes up thou.