Bill's World Famous Lemonade Revisited

2011/07/09 19:23:38
I found the recipe for Bill's Lemonade in the archives posted by 6star. What size serving cup is used in that recipe..... anyone know?
Bill’s World Famous Lemonade
Perhaps you would like to know how "Bill's World Famous Lemonade", who has been doing lemonade shake-ups for most of the 60 years that the Heart of Illinois Fair has been in existence, makes them (as near as I can remember).  There are many people that go out to the Fair just to get his shake-ups!
Equipment: several large (8"-9" tall?) heavy-duty clear plastic cups, pestle (stomper) large enough to reach the bottom of the plastic cups, 1/4 cup scoop (for sugar), 1 cup scoop (for ice), knife for cutting lemons, drink serving cups that fit tightly on the plastic shaker cups.
Ingredients for each shake-up: 1/2 fresh lemon, cut in 4 pieces, 1/4 cup sugar, 1 cup ice chunks, about 1/2 cup water plus water to fill serving cup.
Procedure: Ahead of time, in each of the plastic shaker cups put 1/4 cup sugar topped with 4 lemon pieces.  When the shake-up is ordered, stomp lemon pieces into the sugar with the pestle, add about a 1/2 cup water and 1 cup ice.  Top shaker cup with serving cup tightly and shake vigorously about 10 shakes.  Set down on counter with serving cup down.  Remove shaker cup.  Finish filling serving cup with water.  Hand to customer.
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Re:Bill's World Famous Lemonade Revisited 2011/07/10 00:58:27
You can get the same lemonade at about a hundred locations across the West.  Hot Dog on a Stick makes their lemonade the same way, just about 5 gallons at a time.
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Re:Bill's World Famous Lemonade Revisited 2011/07/10 01:28:36
As best as I can remember it, since it has been a few years, it was a large fairly heavy duty (so it wouldn't collapse during shaking) milkshake-type cup about 7" high with its top about 3 1/2" in diameter.  From checking out dimensions of milkshake cups online, I would say it probably was a 24 oz. wax- or plastic-coated cup.  The clear plastic shaker cup was of similar size, though not quite as tall, and would fit snugly where the two cups met, so there was no leakage. 
Sorry, I can't be more specific, but it has been more than 5 years and perhaps as many as 10 since I went to the HOI Fair, which, by the way, started tonight to run for a week.  If I can, I may run out there, but I doubt if Bill is still around after all these years.  If I can find anything out, I will post it.
And by the way mlooney56, Bill NEVER made his lemonade 5 gallons at a time!  How in the world would you shake a 5 gallon container of lemonade (unless you were a true giant or used a machine)?
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Re:Bill's World Famous Lemonade Revisited 2011/07/13 23:05:28
The girls at Hot Dog on a stick shook it just fine!
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Re:Bill's World Famous Lemonade Revisited 2011/07/14 00:23:50

The girls at Hot Dog on a stick shook it just fine!

I was talking about Bill's Lemonade, not Twin Peaks!