What size lemonade?

2011/07/13 19:04:52
I've decided to add fresh squeezed lemonade shake ups to my menu. I currently sell shaved Ice and have three sizes. I'm thinking maybe I should only sell one size lemonade since it's fresh squeezed and doing just one size would simplify the process.  I plan to use Bill's Shake Up recipe. My question is... if I only do one size, what should it be?   
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Re:What size lemonade? 2011/07/13 20:19:23
As I answered you on your other thread, as well as I remember Bill served a 24 oz. size.  You do have to realize, using the chunk (not shaved) ice, which is what Bill did, that a good portion of the cup will be ice.  Since you live in the Tulsa area (and we have been hearing all about thye scorching heat you have been having this year) I would think your customers would welcome a large size drink.  I would also think the larger size would be easier (or at least more of an attention getter) to shake.
Re:What size lemonade? 2011/07/13 21:09:17
Thanks for the reply. I just made a test run and decided that I'm only selling 32 oz lemonade. With ice and lemon there is not much room left in a 24 oz cup, much less in a 16 oz. so 32 it is. Yes it is supposed to be 102-103 Saturday. I sure hope my signage gets done so I don't have to improvise.
Thanks again!
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Re:What size lemonade? 2011/07/13 23:01:29
32oz is what I sell,  never had anyone ask for a smaller size. 
 Fill to the top w/ ice, takes about 14oz lemonade.
I sold a couple gallons today, and it was only in the upper 70's!
You should be able to sell a bunch in that heat.