Crabill's Coincidence

2011/07/15 18:00:15
What a coincidence!  Came back from a trip to lunch and found my destination on the home page.  Michael Hoffman and I drove 50 miles to Crabill's so that I could try their hamburgers.  I was shocked to log onto Roadfood and see the restaurant where I had eaten a few hours earlier.  Michael had 3 doubles and I had 2 burgers and we both had Stewart's root beer.  Quite an amusing little place and they were packed, we waited awhile for a stool at the counter (there are 8).   The three folks putting all these burgers were fascinating to watch.  On the way back we stopped at Henry's in West Jefferson for a piece of pie.  I had lemon meringue, it was delicious.  Truly a Roadfood day!