gummy bear brats

Curbside Grill
Filet Mignon
2011/07/17 08:02:28
new flavor .   eyeing Kool Aid flavors next
Grundhofers in Hugo, MN
John Fox
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Re:gummy bear brats 2011/07/17 08:45:12
I once posted sarcastically that 2 twenty something guys would be looking to open a hot dog joint where the focus would be on absurd toppings such as corn flakes, gummy bears, raisenets, etc. I also said that someone somewhere would put a hot dog inside a deep fried twinkie. Both have come to pass. See what happens when you reach perfection and there's nowhere else to go?
Hot dogs throughout the years have gotten better in terms of ingredients and production. Unique regional styles were born and have stood the test of time. Now it seems there is nowhere else to go but down. I heard about the gummy bear brats a few days ago on another site. The owner of Grundhofer's was asking customers for their ideas on what kind of new brat he could make. Someone mentioned a gummy bear brat as a joke. The owner scoffed, but the customer had all of his co workers come in and request gummy bear brats. He actually called this guy and told him to stop. It continued until the owner called his bluff and actually made this evil concoction. People asking for it were surprised that it was available and the owner made them buy it. Turns out that for some strange reason it sold.
There's no accounting for taste.