Return of Black Cow Candy?

Treetop Tom
2011/07/20 16:48:31
My Mars Supermarket once again has its summertime retro candy out and to my (initial) delight, Black Cows were included this time around.  For those of you who aren't familiar with them, they were a chocolate-covered caramel Slo-Poke sucker (a competitor to the SugarDaddy, which had its own chocolate-covered version, the SugarMama).  They disappeared 25 years ago or so, while the Slo-Poke continued to be sold.  This time around, the Black Cow comes in a flat package like Bonomo's Turkish Taffy - no stick.  I bought a couple and anticipated reliving one of my favorite childhood candies.  But it was not to be.  This incarnation of the Black Cow is a chocolate caramel rather than chocolate-covered caramel.  Almost an identical taste & consistency as a Tootsie Roll.  Major disappointment.  But it was fun loading up on all my other retro candy favorites.
Bossa Nova
Re:Return of Black Cow Candy? 2011/07/22 16:30:27
These are the "new" Black Cow's