FEC 100 For Sale $2300

Junior Burger
2011/07/22 15:33:18
SOLD!  Thank you!  Toll
Hi !
Not sure why, but I had the price on the FEC 100 at 2700 and it was supposed to be 2400, so in honor of my error, I am now listing it at $2300.  I think it was purchased new to us in 2005.  Comes with an extra set of seals, runs perfectly and Smokes like a dream.  The smoker is in Madison Wisconsin area.  This smoker does not have the timed hold and all that computer crap that can shut you down if the power goes out.  It is the good old fashioned light, set the temp and run as long as you need to.  It is UL listed and it was used in a restaurant setting as a supplemental smoker.  I did my cheesecakes in it and desserts.  Because you can set the temp high, you can even make smoked biscuits in it.  On the other hand, the Ribs, Briskets and Butts etc. come out beautifully in this unit.  This is a GREAT Smoker!  
If you are interested, you can email me at  
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Re: FEC 100 For Sale $2300 2017/01/20 22:39:36
What did it sell for?