Today is National Hot Dog day!

2011/07/23 11:28:33
I guess I'll have to have one today!
Holly Moore
Re:Today is National Hot Dog day! 2011/07/23 12:01:20
I will be attending the world premier of the soon-to-be internationally fabulous Scott Dog.!/Scott_Dogs
Fire Safety Admin
Re:Today is National Hot Dog day! 2011/07/23 14:51:16
In celebration of that event, I will be grilling dogs today along with some tomatoes, pickle, celery salt with my poor imitation of the Chicago style dog.
A friend of mine is taking my grandboys out on the boat.  It is hot in Knoxville but the lake at my dock is chilly.
We are also burning some burgers, grilling some sweet corn, I got a case of #1 Grainger county tomatoes right off the vine in Grainger county and we will slice them, add a little olive oil, salt and pepper, mozzarella cheese with a little pepperoni on top.  We will put it in the over for a few minutes to broil  to melt the cheese and serve with the burgers, baked beans, cole slaw and mac a nd cheese.
I am sure the grandsons will be hungry after a bit on the lake.
Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN
Junior Burger
Re:Today is National Hot Dog day! 2011/07/23 23:36:18
I celebrated by making about 80 singles and 20 doubles. Italian hot dogs of course.