Try this for Breakfast

2011/07/23 16:59:41
I bought a Corned Beef at Costco, slow cooker all day, at home, set on low. Delicious with the cabbage, that said, there was about 1/4 of it leftover. The next morning I sliced it into long slices about 1/4 in. thick, fried them fat side down to start, got it crispy, flipped, them continued to fry on medium gas heat for about 10 minutes more. I ended up with Fried Corned Beef Not Hash, that was sooooooo tasty, my fried eggs started singing love songs. Try it, let us know what you think!
Re:Try this for Breakfast 2011/07/23 23:35:13
This sounds awesome.
Re:Try this for Breakfast 2011/07/24 00:29:08
When I worked at the Olde Irish Alehouse in Dedham, MA we cooked extra corned beef briskets on Saturday so we could slice them up on Sunday and serve as corned beef hash, sauteed with diced potatoes and chopped onions........and poached eggs on top.  I have never, ever eaten that canned stuff since then.   
Re:Try this for Breakfast 2011/07/24 17:19:33
Smoked a corned beef friday, took part of it home last night, fried it this morning in bacon fat, then made 3 fried eggs basted in the fat, seperate homefries, crispy, 2 well toasted English Muffins, coffee....yes, it was good, really good!