Orlando....What a Great Roadfood Town!

2011/07/28 17:07:21
Orlando has been dubbed the land of restaurant chains, and it does have a lot of them.  But just like any other tourist area, you just have to look a wee bit outside the box for great food.  I have been adding places to this thread, and here are a couple more.
Great burgers can be found at Johnny's Fillin' Station.  Fresh, cooked to your desired temperature, 8 ounce burgers on a very good roll.  Prices are very reasonable and the service is great.  Now, they say a place has got to be good if the Cops eat there.  Johnny's is sooo good, they had an entire SWAT Team the day I was there" />
Cue the music for the next place.

Probably the best Chinese food in Central Florida can be found at Tasty Wok BBQ and Noodle on E. Colonial drive in Orlando.  
This is always the sign of a great Chinese place.

But this made it even better.

Yep, that's longtime Roadfooders, Baah Ben and Sk Bob.  If you think they are sitting a little close, I think they both rode in on Bob's Harley
Baah Ben found this place on Urbanspoon and has been singing its praises.  Now that we finally got a chance to go there, I realized that I shop at the Publix across the street.
We started with shrimp won ton soup and roast posk that was fantastic.  But we were shootin the breeze and eating and I forgot to snap a photo.  Heck, I was lucky to get the rice away from Bob!

But I did get the orange chicken and beef dish(name?).


This was excellent, fresh and well prepared food.  The orange chicken was full breast pieces, lots of orange rind, with an outstanding flavor.  Bob commented how fresh the taste of the orange was.  Baah Ben picked this as his favorite also.  I liked the beef fon gool or whatever the name is.  The large rice noodles it was served on were addicting.
As we were exchanging emails planning this event, I kept getting emails from Bob's wife's account, Third Turn Peg, since Baah Ben's high security doesn't accept emails from Bob.  Now my wife is bustin my chops about this girl named Peg I am meeting for lunch.  So Hon, here is Peg....

It was great meeting SK Bob and catching up with Baah Ben.  John A. had a prior commitment and was missed.
Oh, the music?  That's Baah Ben's lovely wife, Harriet.

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ann peeples
Re:Orlando....What a Great Roadfood Town! 2011/07/28 17:15:19
How awesome to see Baah Ben and of course Bob.Miss Ben's input on the site( as well as JohnA's) Glad you caught up, food looks good, and music is even better.
Re:Orlando....What a Great Roadfood Town! 2011/07/28 19:56:39
 Hi Guys!
No duck tongues?
sk bob
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Re:Orlando....What a Great Roadfood Town! 2011/07/28 21:04:46
at least you didn't come riding up on your pink scooter Joe.
it was great to finally meet you Joe after all the years of conversing in this thing. you're a great person Joe (I'm not just saying that because you bought lunch).
the name of that dish was beef chow fun, you plick,(from the movie Lethal Weapon).
thanks to BaahBen for turning us on to this great retaurant. at least we were able to drag 1 of the old farts out.
Great food, Great friends, and good conversation.
thats a good lunch. Thanks Joe & BaahBen.
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Hi Guys!
No duck tongues?

mar52, Baah Ben did the ordering.  I guess he is not very adventurous, just look at his shirt

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You say tongue in cheek.
Now I know the answer.
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I was stuttering so I'm editing out the double post.
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Re:Orlando....What a Great Roadfood Town! 2011/07/29 08:12:31
Good work fleshing out the Orlando restaurant list, Joe.  I thought I was going to go there last year, and didn't get a lot of good-sounding suggestions, IIRC.
I wonder whether the owners are ethnic Chinese from Vietnam, as I believe the writing below the Chinese on the duck cabinet is Vietnamese.
I'm glad to see that you got to hook up with the Daytona Dynamic Duo!
I would have tried the duck tongues.
Re:Orlando....What a Great Roadfood Town! 2011/07/29 12:37:44
Hey Don,  Could be, the restaurant is in an area known as "Little Vietnam".   
Here are some shots of their take-out menu.  The regular menu is much larger.



Baah Ben tells me there is a Brickyard Meet-Up in the works?
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Re:Orlando....What a Great Roadfood Town! 2011/07/30 22:17:32
I went back to Tasty Wok for lunch with my family.  The food was fantastic again.  Sort of made me realize how under reported Asian RF is, and maybe under appreciated.  I wasn't planning on adding to this report(no camera), so I snapped some cellphone pics
I use a restaurants hot and sour soup as a gauge for how the rest of the meal is going to be.  This sinus clearing version is about the best I ever had.

The next course was crispy roast pork.  One word, fantastic!  Here is Baah Ben's write up from urbanspoon.com, with a great description of the pork.
Terrific..Bring your friends! 
by hd919, Daytona Beach (137 reviews
February 27, 2010 - Likes it
Once you've made the right decision to go to this wonderful place, the only issue is deciding what to order once you are there. Bring your friends so you can order a lot of different things!The servers are incredibly friendly....The place was neat and clean and the roasted meats were fantastic. The owner was there for lunch. My waitress pointed him out to me.I had a combo of roast pig and skin and roast pork over rice. A very common dish in many of the Chinatowns throughout the country. It came with a tasty dark soy sauce that you can put over the meats, but really the flavor of the meats needed nothing else.Moist and just terrific. The roasted meats were as good as any I've had in NYC's Chinatown where you see the meats hanging in the windows,One word of caution on the roast pig..It is fatty, but that's part of the process. You get some of the outer crispy skin, then comes a layer of fat below that exterior skin and then the moist meat. Don't miss this flavorful meat. If need by, just don't eat the fat (Chinese people love a delicate mix of fat with their meats) which can easily be seperated from the meat..I just wish I had more room to try the shrimp won ton soup or the chow fun with shrimp and black bean sauce. I'll be back!They have lots of more exotic cuts of meat, if that's your thing. Things like duck feet, chicken feet, etc.

Here are some of the specials....

Note to self:  Seek out more Asian RoadFood.
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Re:Orlando....What a Great Roadfood Town! 2011/10/02 12:51:19
nice job this was a helpful info
bosco lover
Re:Orlando....What a Great Roadfood Town! 2012/12/12 12:30:49
Stopped here for lunch yesterday based on your report-it was wonderful. Finally got to try some duck. Ive always been hesitant to spend 25-30 bucks on something I'm not sure I'll like, but they had an appetizer portion for 7 dollars, absolutely delicious (and it is quite fatty, i don't think i could have eaten more than the appetizer)
Also had some beef and noodle soup and Buddha's delight. At home all we have is mall Chinese with General Tso's chicken, it was so nice to have some good Chinese. Very extensive menu, can't wait to go again and try some more
Re:Orlando....What a Great Roadfood Town! 2012/12/12 20:01:16
bosco lover, Glad you liked it.  I can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually can't wait to go back to Orlando.....just for the Chinese Food!
It's a coincidence that you should post here today.  Just found out SK Bob has some serious health problems, and I was thinking about him most of the day.