Killer Hot Dogs

2011/07/30 15:35:35
According to the story, over 10,000 children end up in emergency rooms each year due to choking on food, often hot dogs.  And about once a week someone dies.
The demo of smashing the sliced dog was not very convincing to me.
Re:Killer Hot Dogs 2011/09/08 15:18:05
I don't recall my Mom or Dad ever doing either of those when I was a kid.
I had a friend who's fridge must not have closed all the way, the dog pushed it open the rest of the way and tried to inhale a whole thing of meat.. think of one of those Italian meat sized things hanging in the store.. they heard a noise, ran and found the dog choking.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Killer Hot Dogs 2011/09/10 02:35:20
It makes me wonder how the hell I survived the 1950' must have been pure luck...  
Junior Burger
Re:Killer Hot Dogs 2011/09/14 02:36:24
People have way too little to worry about in their lives if redesigning the hotdog to make it safer is a major concern for them.