Coupon or Promotional Refusal

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2011/08/12 19:59:22
Have any of you experienced a refusal of coupon or corporate offer at a chain restaurant? It's happened a few times over the years. For example, the old Chicken Unlimited chain used to run weekly ad inserts offering all kinds of clip out coupons for various menu items. None of the franchisees of the ones that we visited would accept them and didn't participate. I've was sent a complimentary letter from IHOP's area manager of an incident that occurred at one of their locations. After attempting to redeem it at another location a month or so later, the evening manager not only refused to accept it, he brought some off-duty police officers without any provocation on their meal break into the matter. They flatly told us we had to pay and take up the matter with the day manager or corporate. I've seen places posting "No Internet Coupons" signs over they years and wonder about these websites and commercials that offer the purchase of discount cards below the dollar value of the restaurant's menu. While I'm sure that any franchisee has a right not to participate, it should be prominently displayed and certainly isn't a good image for the rest of the chain's brand.
Filet Mignon
Re:Coupon or Promotional Refusal 2011/08/12 20:28:22
Every coupon I've ever seen for a chain restaurant has either a list of the locations at which you can use it, or a notation that not all locations will participate.
That said, I've never been refused when I've had a coupon, even to the point where they've given me the discount on a coupon I hadn't realized was expired.
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Coupon or Promotional Refusal 2011/08/12 22:37:12
ive run into it before, was told that '' we are independantly owned'' those coupons are for corporate owned stores but the coupons made no mention of it anywhere
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Coupon or Promotional Refusal 2011/08/12 23:12:47
I don't think it's ever happened with a coupon I've cut out of the newspaper but it did happen with one of those entertainment books you buy for given area for something like $29.95 and you get a book full of coupons for local businesses. I had one for a sub shop but when I went by there it was closed and appeared to be out of business. I noticed a couple of weeks later it was open again but when I attempted to use the coupon I was told they were new owners and knew nothing about any coupons. I guess the prior owners contracted with the entertainment book people to put the coupons in the books. I think it was a bad decision on the owners part not to accept the coupons as they had a chance to win a new customer but thought the $3 or $4 was more important.
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ann peeples
Re:Coupon or Promotional Refusal 2011/08/13 03:29:46
Most coupons say( or should) "at participating locations". Most coupons list locations where they are accepted.If you try and use a coupon at ANY location, you may be out of luck.
Re:Coupon or Promotional Refusal 2011/08/13 04:02:04
When a business changes hands, the new owners are not obligated to honor the previous owners coupons although many do so for a limited period of time. Usually, a sign is posted.
Many Chain TV, Radio and Print Ads say "At Participating Locations"
Re:Coupon or Promotional Refusal 2011/08/13 13:00:10
If the owners had any brains they would accept the coupons.  Good will goes a long way.
Negative actions grow and might last a lifetime.
Filet Mignon
Re:Coupon or Promotional Refusal 2011/08/13 13:13:41
This is almost on topic ... we had an Entertainment Book coupon for a Chinese restaurant up in Ann's neck of the woods. The fine print said that the coupon was not valid on holidays. When we tried to use it that said the coupon could not be used because the day was an obscure holiday. So obscure that I can't remember which one, but it was not a federal holiday or a big "date" holiday (Valentines or Mothers Day).  We have never been back, even to use the coupon.
Filet Mignon
Re:Coupon or Promotional Refusal 2011/08/13 14:08:52
Well, don't try tomorrow, it's the Hungry Ghost Festival!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Coupon or Promotional Refusal 2011/08/13 14:58:22
And keep in mind that September 19th is.....
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Re:Coupon or Promotional Refusal 2011/08/14 20:07:40
Many years back, I had coupons as well as gift certificates by McDonalds refused, being told not all franchises honored them even though nothing was stated on the coupons.
On a related note - Best (or worst) revenge was when I picked up some grocery coupons from a newspaper in one state and attempted to use them at the same chain in an adjacent state.  They refused to honor them even though there was nothing on the coupons indicating limited usage.  I simply walked out, leaving a cart of groceries for them to restock.  I'm sure it cost them more to restock vs. had they simply honored the coupons, never mind the loss of future business. 
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Coupon or Promotional Refusal 2011/08/18 11:34:54
I wrote about a recent experience here:
I have experienced less of them in recent years and I have a hunch the Internet may have something to do with it. People who get stiffed now know how to post messages with titles that get picked up by search engines.
A lot of the problems were the result of frisky franchisors who published coupons and offers in the media without giving any compensation to the franchisees. Tom Carvel was notorious for this in the NYC metro area when he was still alive. I understand Quiznos franchisees are or were up in arms over their couponing.
I still see some franchisees of burger chains not honoring the advertised special.  For several years now, I have made it a practice to noisily walk out of chain restaurant branches (buying nothing) that refuse to honor advertised specials, unless that location is listed as an exemption in the ad. I consider it to be bait-and-switch advertising.
Re:Coupon or Promotional Refusal 2011/08/23 03:52:33
I had a coupon for Arbys and tried to use it and after waiting in line, they said they do not participate in the coupons. To me, that is a load of crap, they should post a sign outside that states if they are accepting the coupon or not. That location will never get my business again.