Pincho Factory in Miami, FL 10/23/2011 Update

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2011/08/15 10:41:24
I have been reading good accounts of a restaurant in the Westchester area of Miami-Dade County named Pincho Factory.  Last week I went there for lunch.  It's located in a strip shopping center.

A pincho in this case is the Latin American term for a meat brochette or kebab.  The owner and Chef de Cuisine, Nedal, has put together a menu of marinated steak, chicken and ground beef pinchos char-grilled to order, and served with a variety of house-made sauces and a range of fresh vegetables and shredded cheese.  The pinchos can be had naked, in a pita, on a bowl of rice or on a mixed-greens salad.  He also grills 1/3-lb burgers, and 1/5 Vienna skinless hot dogs, which can be had with combinations of the vegetables, cheese and sauces.

There seem to always be periodic specials, and custom sauces not on the menu.  When in doubt, ask!
Fresh Vegetable Toppings and Salad Ingredients

After consulting with the lovely "Mrs Pincho Factory" Kristel, I selected "The Mix" (diced cucumber, tomato and lettuce), onions and jalapenos with chipotle mayo. 

 It was GREAT!  The steak was plentiful, tender and lightly-charred from the grill.  The savory veggies and the spicy jalapenos went together perfectly on the soft and fresh pita.  Here's a shot of it unwrapped to show the contents:

I also got a chicken pincho on a pita, with similar veggies and mango sauce.  We split it for supper, and while it suffered a little because of the delay, it was very good.  Driving around with it filled the car with an intoxicating aroma!  On another occasion I got some naked chicken pinchos to take home for supper, and with just the flavors of the marinade and grilling they had a good flavor.
Word got to me that Pincho Factory was reinstating a National Hamburger Month special, the Fritanga Burger.  "Fritanga" is a term for restaurants that feature Nicaraguan home-style cooking, and one of the usual dishes is fried cheese.  The Fritanga Burger here is a seasoned and grilled burger with a large chunk of deep-fried Latin American queso blanco (white cheese) with a simple cabbage slaw and crema (sort of a thin latin sour cream). 
He started with the burgers on the grill:

... and added the deep-fried cheese:

Here is the result:
This was another hit.  Very rich and flavorful.  Probably not a good diet item!
I stopped by again for a burger, and Kristel suggested the Western Burger, because it's not always on the menu.  It's a bacon cheeseburger with crispy onions and a smoky barbecue sauce.  Another winner!  I had a plan to save half for later, but couldn't stop eating it.  I split it in half to show that they cook the burgers to order, and will give you a rare one if desired.

Chef Nidal recommended a dog with grilled onions and sliced yellow banana peppers.  He said he just puts mustard on that, but Kristel interceded and recommended the Latin American pink sauce (she's from Venezuela), so I went with that.

I liked this a lot too.  I could eat one of these every week.  I also ordered the sweet potato fries.  I've really only had these once before, but I like these.  You can get your choice of sauces for dipping.

I was here during the work day, but I noticed that they offer a choice of a few beers and wine.

Everybody was very nice and efficient.  Here are the owners:

Pincho Factory
9680 SW 40th Street (Bird Road)
Miami, FL
P.S.  This is actually miles from the city of Miami but that area uses it for a mailing address
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Re:Pincho Factory in Miami, FL 2011/08/15 12:03:15
Excellent report, Don.
This place almost has a Middle Eastern feel to it.
Reading your writeup and seeing the pictures are almost as good as being there... I just don't get the taste or calories.
Do I see chocolate covered fries on the menu?  You didn't try them?
That fried cheese burger looks great but I draw the line at pink sauce on a hot dog.  What was it made from?
Re:Pincho Factory in Miami, FL 2011/08/15 12:08:58
I think you've found a winner, Don!  I hope it works out for Nidal and Kristel as it looks like they have some great food.
Filet Mignon
Re:Pincho Factory in Miami, FL 2011/08/15 12:18:53
mar52: You guessed correctly.  Nedal's parents are middle-eastern, and Kristel is from Venezuela.  The pink sauce, shoe-string potatos, etc on a hot dog are very south american.  I think Nedal said The Mix was on everything when he was growing up (or something like that).  They don't describe it this way, but I think of it as  latin-american/middle-eastern/american fusion. 
Re:Pincho Factory in Miami, FL 2011/08/15 12:32:12
I wish them great success.  I'd definitely give them a try if I was close by to them.
Looking at the pricing, to me it looks like they're a bit high on their hot dogs.  Hope it works for them.
Re:Pincho Factory in Miami, FL 2011/08/15 12:54:42
MiamiDon, We gotta change your name.....You are now "The Don of Miami"!  Great job keeping us informed, excellent pictures and food choices.
Ralph Melton
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Pincho Factory in Miami, FL 2011/08/16 13:25:52
Very nice pictures and description. Thank you.
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Re:Pincho Factory in Miami, FL 2011/10/09 12:17:16
This month's specials board at Pincho Factory:

This is the first chicken offering, so I went for the Ciabatta Chicken Sandwich.  Unfortunately, they had no ciabatta!  (local bakery FAIL).  I had it anyway, on a regular soft roll.
"Ciabatta" Chicken Sandwich

The sauteed mushrooms, spinach and Havarti cheese went great with the perfectly char-grilled chicken and its seasonings!  Another winner - I have to try it on the ciabatta roll.
On the lighter side of the offerings is the Pincho Salad.  I've had one twice, both with the char-grilled chicken, marinated in Chef Nedal's blend of spices and other seasonings.  Everything is optional, so the result is largely up to the individual.  This time I had lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onions and yellow peppers with the house cilantro sauce.  Very good!  There is so much to experiment with - I may add another sauce next time.
Chicken Pincho Salad

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Re:Pincho Factory in Miami, FL 2011/10/09 13:58:40
Pickels!  (sic)  It's what first stood out to me on the menu and then the cute little drawings of French fries at the bottom.
The Double Decker Goober Burger seems to be a bit over the top.
Did they have a crowd?  Your sandwich looks good even without the Ciabatta.  Can you really taste the spinach?  I'd think it would get lost.
Great pictures, Don!
Filet Mignon
Re:Pincho Factory in Miami, FL 2011/10/09 14:03:19
Pickels!  Ha, me too.  The owner was sitting there, and he said he has one of the young girls put the menu on the bird, as his printing is not as nice.
I think he may like to have one "over-the-top" burger every so often.  Either in August or September, he had a Foreman burger which is between two grilled-cheese sandwiches.  The spinach was there, although you are right that it was about the mildest of the ingredients.
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Re:Pincho Factory in Miami, FL 2011/10/23 09:09:15
They just added a Chicago-style hot dog to the menu.  Fresh ingredients, and a nicely-grilled Vienna Beef hot dog.  I like it!

Cartel Dog (Colombian-style) from the main menu

Vienna Beef hot dog, bacon, Latin pink sauce, mango sauce and potato sticks.  I like this one a lot.
Cajun Fries

Another winner.  Ordinary frozen fries, topped with grilled, diced red onions, garlicky sauce, and sprinkled with Cajun seasoning.  Very tasty.
Oktoberfest Burger (see the menu board above for ingredients)

This is not one of my favorites.  It was nicely cooked from good ingredients, but I discovered that I don't like pickles and maple syrup together!
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