Miso Yaki Marinade

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2011/08/22 02:28:35
I discovered the new taste of "miso" which goes very well with fish and beef. Marinate beef and it tastes amazing!!! It has a lot of protein from soybeans so it's healthy, too! We are hosting BBQ photo contest also showcasing MisoYaki marinade. Free samples available for US residents.
Re:Miso Yaki Marinade 2011/08/22 09:50:49
Y'know, miso-glazed Spam doesn't sound too bad...
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Re:Miso Yaki Marinade 2011/08/22 09:52:06

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Re:Miso Yaki Marinade 2011/08/22 17:12:23
Miso is wonderful! I use it as an add-on in lots of marinades and sauces!