Beefmasters INN-Wilson, NC

Junior Burger
2011/08/25 13:24:58
We were directed to this by a local resident.   It is located on US 301.  It has no menu.  We arrived early and were seated right away.  They bring a whole ribeye to the table and ask what size you want beginning at 8 oz  and up.  They cut it at the table.  You visit the very good salad bar and the steak goes on the grill.  It comes with a baked potato and an onion and tea.  The food was excellent  at about $24 p.p..  It's located in a simple cinder block building.  Late arrivals have to wait in the parking lot until they are called, there only about 20 tables.  The food is excellent and if you are in the area stop by is it is exellent!