Adams & Bright soda fountain returns in Hamburg, PA

Junior Burger
2011/08/26 10:53:32
Adams & Bright drugstore in Hamburg, PA, which had been listed in past editions of Roadfood, has restored its soda fountain and is back in the ice cream business. I don't have privileges to post the URL, but the item is on for those who wish to find it.

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Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Adams & Bright soda fountain returns in Hamburg, PA 2011/08/27 20:56:16
That's great to hear. Thanks! I was there probably about 1990 when my kids were little.  I'm sure it was because I read about it in Roadfood.
Somehow I thought I read that the building had been turned into a restaurant but I guess I was wrong. We take a day trip to Cabela's usually in the fall, so this will be a great place to stop before heading home.
Here's the link:
Edit: My wife just quickly found a picture of my kids at age 3 and 7 sitting at the counter, 1991 .
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Junior Burger
Re:Adams & Bright soda fountain returns in Hamburg, PA 2011/08/28 19:18:38
Happy to bring back a fond memory. Hope it's successsful. Town could use a boost. Most Cabela's traffic never makes it into Hamburg proper.