Swingers in Santa Monica

2011/09/01 18:52:19
Took one of my neighbors out for breakfast the other dayfor her birthday.
She chose Swingers Cafe in Santa Monica.

I'd passed it dozens of times but never stopped because it didn't look inviting.  It sits on the corner of Lincoln Bl and Broadway and I always saw it from Lincoln Bl.
The view from Broadway is much better!  There are many windows and an outside eating area.  On Lincoln they just have a door.  I like windows.
I liked the interior.  Someone liked color.


Trying to stay within the parameters of my diet, I ordered this:

It was perfect!  The whites were completely cooked with the yolks still runny.  The bacon was crisp and the French Toast was heavenly.  It was the perfect amount although I could have also eaten this:

Doesn't my plate look better?
Swingers is a small chain in the Los Angeles area.  I didn't know that they had other locations.  The waiter asked us if there was anything else he could do for us and I told him...  fix your website.  Why have a menu on your website if it can't be read?
On the way out I noticed something on the counter which was not on our table.
How do you feel about it?

I'm not wure how it adds to the restaurant.
They also were big on cupcakes.
Re:Swingers in Santa Monica 2011/09/01 19:16:52
Big Buns AND Big Cupcakes!!! Great combination!
Just another biker riding on Venice Beach!
Re:Swingers in Santa Monica 2011/09/01 19:28:45
Hey, remember. It's California!
Btw, I like your diet "parameters".
Re:Swingers in Santa Monica 2011/09/01 20:06:09
Protein, protein and one carbohydrate... right?
When I learned the name of restaurant I assumed that all eggs would be served Over Easy.
Re:Swingers in Santa Monica 2011/09/01 21:12:16
That menu would get my attention!
Good looking breakfast, not sure about the plaid