Local Diner

Fire Safety Admin
2011/09/03 00:09:07
I have a semi-local Diner named Thelma's. They have really good food including an AYCE seafood menu. Unfortunately they are struggling financially, I usually call and make sure they have oysters and are still open.
They have really good "homemade soups" I've had chicken an noodles, chicken an dumplins and tonight they had a beef vegetable that was great.
I wish they were closer, I'd eat there more often.
Re:Local Diner 2011/09/03 00:36:57
Perhaps they're struggling Financially because of the AYCE Seafood menu. Sounds like a job for Restaurant Impossible!
Re:Local Diner 2011/10/11 13:28:36
There is a great little place in downtown Carrollton, Georgia called the Highland Deli. They make a soup they call South of the Border, which is fantastic. It is similar to tortilla soup with a tomato-based broth, shredded chicken, black beans, veggies, and southwestern spices. It is served with homemade corn chips and a cheese garnish. Had it yesterday and it was the perfect thing for a cool, rainy day.
Re:Local Diner 2011/10/16 09:32:18
I will have to mention the Highland Deli to my niece and her husband, as he is a native of Carrollton, his family lives there and they visit often. That soup sounds right up their alley, as they do not eat red meat and love black beans and southwestern type food......
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Re:Local Diner 2011/11/17 20:33:57
ooh, ooh your almost there I can hardly wait to see what your spam message will be.

UUUU i love a good soup....