The Rolo McFlurry

2011/09/06 03:05:09
I saw a first this weekend at a McDonald's--the Rolo McFlurry.  (Of course, I am referring to those chocolate covered caramels that come eight to a pack.)  It was one of four flavors offered at the location, specifically 2415 E. Lincolnway in Sterling, Illinois.  Silly me, I didn't get it for fear of the caramel being too hard from being frozen!
Has anyone else come across a McDonald's selling McFlurries with Rolos?
Re:The Rolo McFlurry 2011/09/06 12:40:36
I can't help you, but my brother told me that McDonald's is now selling caramel apple sundaes.
Guess I'll have to walk to the corner and find out for myself. 
One of the days.