Bacon and Pancetta......

Double Cheeseburger
2011/09/11 13:18:09
Remember the Pork Bellies from this thread.....
This is what I did with them......simple Maple cure for the bacon (Pink Salt, Kosher Salt, Brown Sugar, a good helping of Pure Maple Syrup, and a little ground Black Pepper), a basic Pancetta cure (Pink Salt, Kosher Salt, a touch of Brown Sugar, Bay Leaves, Fresh Thyme, Crushed Red Pepper, Crushed Black Pepper, Fresh Garlic), seven days in the cure.
For the bacon, rinsed and then 24 hours air drying in the fridge and onto my trusty Weber kettle for a nice long Apple and Cherry wood smoke bath.
The Pancetta was rinsed, and the inside was coated with a good helping of crushed Black Peppper, then it was rolled tight and's now drying in my closet, will let it dry for another seven days.....

Here are the bellies when they were fresh...

Here is the Bacon cured (no pics of the Pancetta before I rolled and tide them)

Bacon fresh off the Weber will cool down and then into the fridge to chill over night before slicing and vacume sealing, then into the freezer...

Pancetta rolled, tide and hung.....
ann peeples
Re:Bacon and Pancetta...... 2011/09/11 18:12:51
Re:Bacon and Pancetta...... 2011/09/12 10:18:59
Those look awesome!  How sweet did the maple bacon turn out to be?
Double Cheeseburger
Re:Bacon and Pancetta...... 2011/09/12 12:34:54
Haven't tasted this batch yet....Planning on having a BLT for dinner tonight though.
I've used this same Maple Cure many times in the past, and it isn't really sweet at all, only a half cup in the cure....just kinda of adds a richness rather then a sweetness if that makes sense.....