Taqueria Autentica, Broad Street, Bloomfield, NJ, just opened

2011/09/14 19:28:45
Following the success of their lunch truck, Taqueria Autentica just opened a restaurant in Bloomfield, NJ, steps away from the famous Holsten's ice cream shop.
No affiliation, but I had enjoyed their tacos at the Summit NJ farmers market, so we went to the storefront for lunch.  Guacamole, two carne asada tacos, one chicken, and one store made chorizo.  All were tasty, came with great sauces (salsa verde with the carne asada, pico di gallo and crema Mexicana with the chicken, and spicy black beans and chipotle crema with the chorizo).
I highly recommend it. 
Re:Taqueria Autentica, Broad Street, Bloomfield, NJ, just opened 2011/10/02 09:57:20
I've also enjoyed their tacos at the Monclair Farmers Mkt.  Judging from their posts on Facebook, it's been a rocky opening month, but I definitely plan on checking them out.  The good news is that a small Mexican place is opening up closer to me - Rutherford.  I'll keep an eye out for them.
Re:Taqueria Autentica, Broad Street, Bloomfield, NJ, just opened 2011/10/02 17:17:21
Shows the power of Food Trucks! It used to be people would go mobile from B & M. Now it's going in reverse! Get a foothold with a truck THEN go B & M once the product is established. Fiscally smart way to do it!
Re:Taqueria Autentica, Broad Street, Bloomfield, NJ, just opened 2012/02/13 17:48:45
Another Mexican addition in the area is Grill Poblano, on 47 Park ave, in Rutherford.  It is definitely a lunch/lighter dinner place. It's only been open about a year.  No frills, but they have tongue and nopal in their tacos and quesadillas.   Basically, choose your meat, choose the  type (tacos, burritos, salad, mexican sandwich, quesadilla, platter).  They have extra salsa and guacamole, and that's about it.  But what they offer is damn good. They don't have a website, and sometimes that's a good thing.  I've never been to Arizona, New Mexico or Texas for comparison, but compared to what's here it's so good.  I'm surrounded by Chipotle, Baja Fresh and Qudoba, so Grill Poblano makes me happy.  Haven't been able to make it to Taqueria Autentica, but I look forward to seeing them at the farmer's market.
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Re:Taqueria Autentica, Broad Street, Bloomfield, NJ, just opened 2012/03/08 09:33:43
My wife and I went to Taqueria Autentica for and early lunch on Sunday. Good thing we got there early. Unbeknownst to us, that morning's NY Times had a favorable review of the place (what are the odds?? There's like 10,000 restaurants in the Metro area. Actually it's the 2nd time that has happened to us).
Anyway, there's only about 6 tables, and some of them are very awkward to sit at. Luckily we got a good table after only about a 5 minute wait. By the time we left there was a line out the door. The staff seemed a little overwhelmed, but to thier credit they called in an extra server. The kitchen was slow too.
We started with a chips and salsa appetizer, which we had to remind them to bring out (how long could it take to prepare..). The chips were homemade and very good. The salsa (green and red) were small portions, not nearly enough for the chips, and, while very fresh, lacked any "zip" at all.
We shared 2 pork tacos (fabulous!!), a chicken tostatda (fresh and tasty, but was room temperature by the time they brought it out from the kitchen), and a chicken torta (cheesy and good, and at least it was hot).
All in all, they did the best they could with the crowd.
Not sure if we'd go back, but if we'd did, We'd get a few more of those pork tacos. They were fantastic.
Here's the NY Times review: