Sonny's is Excellent

Junior Burger
2011/09/19 18:20:02
So I was with a friend a couple of weeks ago & no matter how hard I tried I couldn't talk him outta Sonny's Barbecue. I gave in & figured I would try something that wasn't barbecue. I ordered their burger...I think it was maybe a half pounder. It took a little longer to get to the table but I gotta say it was well worth it. A good wood smoke char on it & cooked perfectly medium inside. This burger needs no condiments. Have been to a different Sonny's & ordered the same with identical results. This led me to theorize that even bad to mediocre bbq joints can make a very good burger. That theory was shot to hell over the last couple of weeks. If & when I return to any Sonny's it will be for that smokey burger.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Sonny's is Excellent 2011/09/19 19:18:55
I've never had a burger there but I noticed on the local Sonny's menu some wording to the effect "it's back" as though it was gone from the menu for a while. They also used to have a fairly decent steak on the menu but it's been many many years ago since I've had that.