NYTimes: "Nickel Sales Just the Tonic for a Soda Fountain’s Revival"

2011/09/21 09:17:50
Five-cent colas, coffee and ice cream for sale at Ava Drug, a pharmacy in Missouri, have been taking older generations back to the ’50s while drawing in a new crowd.
AVA, Mo. — A child takes a stool at a soda fountain, drops a nickel on the counter and orders a chocolate ice cream cone. This nostalgic tableau — backed by ’50s tunes piping out of a jukebox — is fodder for the brush strokes of Norman Rockwell paintings and when-I-was-your-age stories spun by grandparents.
Crowds of customers old and young — like Tiffany Jackson, 9, center, and Brianna Robertson, 11 — led Ava Drug in Ava, Mo., to keep its promotional drink and ice cream prices.   But it also comes to life here at Ava Drug, where pocket change still goes a long way. ...