My New England Trip

Filet Mignon
2011/09/23 18:37:25
I am posting this late as there has been so much going on.

Day 1 Thursday August 4
We had a late start and drove over the big Bay Bridge to Kent Island where we had dinner at the Harris's Seafood restaurant. . I had the fried oyster dinner with hush puppies and cole slaw. My friend had the crab imperial and declared it as being outstanding,
Day 2 Friday August 5
The next morning we got an early start and had breakfast at the Waffle House in Dover, Delaware. I had iced tea and toast because I was getting ready for a big day ofRoadfood. Lunch was at Pepe's in New Haven. It was just as great as I remembered it being. I ordered the small clam pizza. My friend detests clams so opted for a plain small pizza. Mine was just delicious and he said that his was great. After lunch, we drove to the "new apartment" which the grandson and two of his buddies had rented for their senior year at school.The guys unloaded a lot of household stuff which we had hauled up from Maryland. We then checked into our room at "The Study". This is a awesome hotel! We went for dinner at Jimmy's in Savin Rock. I had a wonderful fried clam dinner while my friend ordered the hot dog platter which he said was terrific. We enjoyed walking around there very much. 
Day 3 Saturday August 6
This morning we grabbed a quick breakfast of juice, coffee and bagel at the hotel dining room. We went to the Yale Bookstore and did some shopping
and then met the grandson and his two college roommates who had invited us for lunch. They took us to the Union League Cafe where we had a really fun time and delicious food, I chose two appetizers; one was the terrine of foie gras and rabbit comfit and the other was the seared tuna carpaccio.serv ed over romaine and dressing with Parmesan shreds. All of the guys had house salad and steak andfrites. Everything was beautifully presented and excellent. The service was outstanding. It was really enjoyable to have so many laughs with the college students. We then said our "good-byes and headed out to Iswich MA. to guess where?
We went to The Clam Box. It was just as good as I remembered it. I had the small fried clam platter with cole slaw .. My friend had the scallop platter with french fries and onion rings. Our meals were cooked perfectly. He had never been there before and enjoyed the whole experience . We then drove on to our hotel in Kennebunkport, Maine. We enjoyed the ocean view from our balcony and had a brandy or two later on in the evening.
Day 4 Saturday August 7
The resort that we stayed at offer a lavish breakfast buffet. I do not do buffets so I just relaxed in our room while he went for breakfast and brought me back coffee.. We toured around the village and had lunch at The Clam Shack. This is my favorite place in the world for a great lobster roll. I ordered a small order of fried clams and a lobster roll. Both were wonderful. My friend settled for the fish sandwich .That evening we went to Nunam's. I love this place. There is a wonderful view of marshes and the lobster is terrific. I had the 2 lobster dinner which consists of 2 lobsters, potato chips and pickles. My buddy had a steak dinner. I was thrilled with mine and he said that his steak was really good (what! a steak in a lobster place.......unreal to me.)
Day 5 Sunday August 8
We slept in late and skipped breakfast. Lunch was at the Maine Dinner in Wells. I had the lobster pie and side salad and iced tea. He had the Hot roast beef and french fries. My lobster pie. was just as wonderful as I had remembered it from years ago. My friend declared his roast beef as excellent and the french fries as" nothing special". It was a great stop. Our destination that evening was the Bear Mt. Lodge at Bethlehem NH. This was the "surprise" of the trip for me. My friend knows of my love of log cabins and this was one beautiful place with breathtaking view of Mt. Washington. I was thrilled . Our room was beautiful with a jacuzzi for two and a fireplace. To add to it, there was a great hot tub outside..
We decided to make it a diner day and so drove over to Littletom to the Littleton Diner for dinner. I was torn between the liver and onions and bacon and the corned beef hash. Since it said "homemade", I could not resist the hash so I had that with two poached eggs and a slice of rye toast, along with iced tea. The hash was everything anyone could want. It was the best that I can remember having. Stephen had the roasted turkey dinner and said it tasted just like "Thanksgiving". It certainly looked terrific. The pies looked tempting but I had my mind on something else for dessert and we went to Bishop's Homemade Ice Cream. I had to try the was excellent and my friend went with Blueberry. We sat out in front and licked away like kids. It was a real Roadfood Day
Day 6 Monday August 9
We had breakfast at the lodge and it was outstanding. We were seated at a beautifully set table and started off with juice and good coffee. Our entree was Orange French Toast and maple sausage. The meal was outstanding. We left, ready for a day of sightseeing. We took the drive to the top of Prospect Mountain where the view was wonderful. We then just drove where ever we saw an interesting sign, We had lunch at the Woodstock Station and Brewery. We enjoyed this place very much. It was fun to eat here as the restaurant is in an old railroad station and very enjoyable. I had an 8 inch pizza with sliced tomatoes, fresh herbs and fresh mozzarella cheese. My friend had the small hamburger. The food was fine but the beverages were outstanding. I chose to have the Penni pale ale which they said was the best pale ale in New England and 2nd best in the United States. It tasted great to me. My friend had their homemade root beer and he said that it was the best root beer that he had ever had. It was a nice place.
We then drove back north to Cannon Mt. and took the tramway to the top of the mountain. The view was just terrific and the ride was very enjoyable. We went back to the lodge and relaxed until dinner. Dinner, that evening was at a charming place called Cold Mountain Cafe.......lots of artwork on the walls and lovely dining room. I chose two appetizers as my meal. I had the mussels steamed in garlic and wine and dates stuffed with goat cheese wrapped in bacon. Both of them were excellent. My friend chose the rack of lamb. I do not remember the potato and vegetable but it was an outstanding presentation. We both enjoyed the evening very much.
I think this is already more than anyone wants to read at one time so will continue on in a day or two.
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Filet Mignon
Re:My New England Trip 2011/09/23 20:24:39
Great report, it looks like all your food picks were the right choices, happy you had a good time, I haven't been to Jimmies in Savin Rock in years............pnwc
mr chips
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Re:My New England Trip 2011/09/23 21:55:00
Great report, greymo. Looking forward to more.
Re:My New England Trip 2011/09/24 02:00:07
You went to The Clam Box!  You went to The Clam Shack!
They're both on my list of places to go.
Glad that you had a good time and also glad that you're back.
We need more women posters!
ann peeples
Re:My New England Trip 2011/09/24 03:19:18
What lovely choices! Glad your trip was a food success!
Re:My New England Trip 2011/09/24 10:54:02
Wonderful  report 
You went all the way to New England and no stops in Lil Rhody??? 
What do you have against Lil Rhody?  
Michael Hoffman
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Re:My New England Trip 2011/09/24 11:55:23
Sounds like a great trip. As much as I miss Frank Pepe's, I miss Jimmie's even more -- the original Jimmie's, which was much smaller, and located about two blocks away. Ah, the four split, grilled Rosseler's hot dogs, the two buttery lobster rolls, the pint of fried clams, the fries, the dozen raw clams, and the pineapple drink. And that was just one meal.
Re:My New England Trip 2011/09/24 21:00:43
You hit some of my favorites on your trip. The Clam Shack and Box are both YUMMM!
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Re:My New England Trip 2011/09/28 00:31:40

You went to The Clam Box!  You went to The Clam Shack!

They're both on my list of places to go.

Glad that you had a good time and also glad that you're back.

We need more women posters!
Agree with you that we need more women posters.

Re:My New England Trip 2011/09/29 15:45:23
Wow, what a variety of dishes on this trip, thanks for sharing.
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Re:My New England Trip 2011/09/30 21:56:18

To continue my report.
Augst 10 Day 7
We skipped the wonderful breakfast at the log and head for It was better than I remembered from years ago. I chose the buckwheat pancakes with a side of sausge and my friend had the buttermilk pancakes with bacon. Both of our meals were excellent. The coffee was bad but I find that at most places.
We drove on to Quechee Gorge and walked for a little bit and really enjoyed it there. We had lunch at Simon Pierces.. I was not that hungry so just has an appetizer of mussels and iced tea. The mussels were excellent. Stephen had the pot pie and said that it was the best that he had ever eaten...................great lunch and wonderful view. ..I really lovd this place. My friend then told me that we were on our way to a surprise place to stay in Stowe. I told him that if it was "that Trapp Family resort", I wanted out of the car immediately. He just laughed and we were on our way,
When we got to Stowe, he asked me to pick out a gift shop to explore while he got gas and got the car washed. So I was dropped off for 1/2 hour looking around a nice gift shop.. I was then picked up and we drove a couple of miles out of town and pulled up to this real neat and rustic log cabin with a screened in porch and hot tub. He told me to get my luggage and get unpacked. When I came out into the "great room", I was given a glass of wine and told to relax out on the porch............good deal.
So I am sitting there and he comes out and starts the grill and tells me that we are "eating in". He comes out (finally) and put steaks on the grill. I am called in to dinner and it was so nice..........a large candle on the table, wash cloths for napkins and a dinner of salad, steaks and baguettes. It turned out that he had gone grocery shopping while I was in gift shop. Dessert consisted of chocolate eclairs and that is a nice guy!
August 11 Day 8
We got a really late start in the am. We stopped at McCarthey for a breakfast of bagels, lox and cream cheed and then headed down to Dorset Vt. Our stay that evening was at Dorset Inn. Our room was lovely.............complete with lovely flower arrangement and a bottle of wine. We decided to save the wine for later and had an early dinner. Our meal were just wonderful. I had a small order of mussels and the liver, bacon and onions for my entree. The liver was just about the best that I have ever eaten. My friend had the turkey croquettes and is still talking about them. It was a great meal in lovely surroundings.
August 12 Day 9
The next morning we had breakfast at Dot's Restaurant in Wilmingtom. It was terrific. I had French toast with side of sausage and ny friend had eggs and bacon. The service was good and the food was great..............a real Roadfood place. We then headed to Lake Placid NY and checked  at the Golden Arrow resort which is right on the lake with great views. We settled in for our two nights stay and then strolled around for a while  We had a really fun gondola ride offered by the hotel.  We had wine and cheese and crackers while taking the ride. . Dinner was at Howard Johnson's! Oh yes. Now this was a lot of fun For old time's sake I ordered  the clam strips. They were fine but cannot begin to compare to whole belly clams. My friend had the meat loaf  and mashed potaotes. It was a fun meal as we reminisced about the meals we ate at Howard Johnsons when very young!

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Re:My New England Trip 2011/10/01 01:15:37
Thanks for the report, Greymo. Just reading about all of those whole-belly clams makes me weep tears of joyful remembrance.... Glad to see you made it to Dot's before the flood: it was on my "must visit" list, but alas, no more.
Re:My New England Trip 2011/10/01 08:45:48
Sounds like a great trip.Thanks for sharing , It's certainly a wonderful part of America!