Roast Pig Sliders

Filet Mignon
2011/09/23 18:38:32
We had a Pig Roast about two weeks ago, of course there are always leftovers. This was a great lunch with Maccaroni salad and fresh from the garden tomatoes. I'm trying to give Chewy a run for his money, I think once he learns Photo taking 101 we may see whats new at Chubby's.
 I like to taste the pork in a BBQ Pork Sandwich, I don't like it drowning in BBQ sauce, this is my version.........pnwc

Topped with a sweet and spicy BBQ sauce

ann peeples
Re:Roast Pig Sliders 2011/09/23 19:42:34
Very,very nice!
Re:Roast Pig Sliders 2011/09/23 19:52:28
Now, THAT's what I call a slider!
Re:Roast Pig Sliders 2011/09/26 17:07:22
Looks great Bill, how many did you eat?