Doghouse Hotdogs. Made in Los Angeles.

Junior Burger
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2011/09/26 16:23:50
Just going to go out there and say it. 
I make the best hotdog. Period.
I am the only food truck that I have heard of that does it all from scratch. And my flavors are crazy nuts. All beef brisket. Natural lamb casing. Packed full of flavor. 
Do not take my word for it. Follow us on twitter/facebook @doghousetruck and see for yourself.
John Fox
Double Chili Cheeseburger
Re:Doghouse Hotdogs. Made in Los Angeles. 2011/09/26 17:27:35
You actually make the franks you use yourself? If not, what brand do you serve? Isd it all beef or beef/pork? Size? A little more info would help.