Local wine?

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2011/09/26 19:12:54
Does your area have local wines? Red? White? what kind? What do you think of it?
I live in NYC and NM. NYC to my knowledge does not have local wine (although Long Island/Hamptons does), but NM makes a lot. My fav is Gruet, known for their sparkling wines, but I love their Chardonnay.
Re:Local wine? 2011/09/27 08:58:06
Southern Wisconsin has a number of wineries and I'm sure I didn't list all of them:
Cedar Creek (owned by Wollersheim)
Maple Leaf
A new one in Mt. Horeb or New Glarus...just saw a newspaper ad for it.
Wollersheim is the one we're most familiar with.  They make reds and whites from grapes both grown on the premises and imported, and our favorites are the White Riesling, Port, and Ice Wine.
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Re:Local wine? 2011/09/27 13:19:36
Bob had a Doctor-Von Stiel, that to my knowledge, still has his winery as a 2nd interest. There are so many wineries, especially in Door County, that have excellent, fun products!
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Re:Local wine? 2011/09/27 13:43:15
Just down the road from my office is Victoria Valley Vineyards: http://www.victoriavalleyvineyards.com/
I'm not very knowledgeable about wines at all, but I bought my aunt a couple bottles of VVV wines (I believe a Syrah and a Merlot) several years ago, and she really enjoyed them.
They run a little deli type restaurant that's open for lunch. It's very relaxing to sit on the terrace and look out at the vineyard.
Re:Local wine? 2011/09/27 17:44:04
AZ has quite afew Wineries all over the state.
I believe a wine bar just opened in Chandler that sells nothing but AZ Wines.
I'm not a big wine drinker so I couldn't tell you one wine from another without the label.
I know some are red and some are white and then there's pink!
Re:Local wine? 2011/09/27 17:49:09
Lots of excellent wine in Southern Oregon.
 Southern Oregon Winery Association
 Applegate Wine Trail « Your guide to the Applegate Valley Wineries
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Re:Local wine? 2011/09/27 19:18:01
New Jersey has several good wineries. We love Renault Winery in Egg Harbor....It's become a resort ...with golf course and fine restaurants...and very good wines. Love their Champagne!!
Re:Local wine? 2011/09/27 20:25:08
Just about every other house in my area has empty grape crates stacked in their yards right now.  Ready to drink by Christmas
Can't get any more local than that.
Re:Local wine? 2011/09/28 02:15:02
 Arrington Vineyards was founded by Kix Brooks of Brooks & Dunn and is located 25 minutes south of Nashville among the beautiful hills of Arrington, Tennessee
My daughter lives near there and we've toured and tasted their wines.
They have a great patio and picnic area there and have musical entertainment on the weekends.
Their wines are pretty good too!
Not far off of I-65.
Re:Local wine? 2011/09/28 13:35:51
Richards Wild Irish Rose.
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Re:Local wine? 2011/09/28 15:05:59
You wouldn't think it but Texas has some fine winerys. The area around Llano has some really good vinyards. Not sure how this drought is going to effect this years harvest. Probably gonn suck. 88 straight days of triple digits and no rain since Dec (to speak of)
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Re:Local wine? 2011/09/29 20:43:21
Lots of local vineyards in our area now producing various types of wines. Huber's, the family farm restaurant folks have a winery that turns out  some very nice fruit wines from their orchards and berry patches.  I am really fond of their Strawberry and Raspberry wines.
Re:Local wine? 2011/09/30 09:21:29
One of the things we like to do is plan trips around a local winery visit or 2 whenever possible.  We've found several nice vineyards in Iowa (another state that wouldn't be thought of for wine but has a surprisingly strong industry) and when returning from Ohio at the end of August I stopped at the Illinois River Winery's tasting room in North Utica for a few bottles to take home.
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Re:Local wine? 2011/09/30 10:19:50
I wouldn't even want to wager a guess as to how many wineries we have within an hour drive of here. I've been on a couple wine tours (Cayuga and Seneca lake area), bought several aside from that, and nothing really stood out to me. They were ok, nothing I'd buy on a regular basis. I don't recall seeing many reds, mostly whites and a lot of way too sweet wines.
I like the apple wine and hard cider from the local apple orchards more than the wine from the wineries.
Hazlitt Winery in Hector, NY puts out a wine that is seriously popular around here, Red Cat. It's not usually my cup of tea, but it is pretty good.
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Re:Local wine? 2011/12/04 20:08:24
I live in SoCal, so yes, there are some nice wineries all around me. I really like Sort This Out Cellars up in the Santa Ynez Valley (by Santa Barbara). I joined their wine club and find it to be the best value of any I am currently a member of.